Student Status & Reporting

Progress and Time Tracking- Career Training Programs

Learn more about how students track their attendance and time spent for Career Training Programs.

Progress and Time Tracking

Students needing to track and report study and access time are advised that the use of the Time Tracker, located within the Student Center, is required whenever they are performing any course-related work; i.e. studying, reading, assignments, etc., so we may accurately track their online and offline work hours.  Hours logged via the Time Tracker are available for you to view and download in your Online Administration Center under the Students tab. This log will only account for hours logged while the student is actively using the Time Tracking tool. If you feel there is a discrepancy in the displayed progress, you may request a progress report by sending an email with the student’s name, email address, and course title to [email protected]

NOTE: Students enrolled in a course offered through our third-party providers learn the Time Tracker can be bypassed by going directly to the provider’s site to access their course, as opposed to accessing their course through the Student Center. We strongly suggest partner schools reiterate the importance of using the Time Tracker to their students when time reporting is necessary.

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Enrollment Status Terminology

This guide will help you better understand student status terminology used in the Online Administration Center and your enrollment notifications.

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