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Stackable Credentials and Certifications Provided Necessary Training for Today’s Workforce

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When it comes to education, 2-year and 4-year degrees have historically been the standard by which most employers measure applicants, but this is beginning to shift. A traditional degree is no longer considered the only viable form of education, and many employers want applicants to have hard skills and experience to hit the ground running. As a result, professional certifications continue to rise in importance, especially in some of the fastest-growing job sectors today, including technology, healthcare, project management, support, and paralegal—to name a few.

66% of respondents preferred non-degree education pathways

Traditional college programs are great options for some, but they are not for everyone. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) published results from a Strada Education Network survey that showed adult students have concerns about the value of education. 2020 vs. 2019 comparisons of adults contemplating college show they are 18 percent less likely to believe it will be worth the cost and 25 percent less likely to think that additional education will help them land a good job. These same surveys indicated that more than 66 percent of respondents preferred non-degree education pathways (up from 50 percent the previous year). ed2go can help you add courses to your online education program that will allow you to reach more students.  

Stackable certifications could be the answer 

Stackable credentials and industry certifications offer several advantages, especially for non-traditional students who want to find employment, move up in their careers, or into an entirely different career. Some benefits include:  

1. Quicker career launch opportunities  

When it comes to stackable credentials and industry certifications, they are often obtained relatively quickly compared to traditional degree programs. For example, a student can gain skills relevant to a role in IT as a Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist, in project management with Project Management Essentials with CAPM Prep, in healthcare with ICD-10 Medical Coding, and many other areas that will prepare them for a job in around six months. In addition, these types of programs allow students to test the waters quickly and design a customized career path that is unique to their individual goals.  

2. A more affordable solution  

Because stackable credentials can be completed more quickly than traditional degree programs, professionals can land a job and start earning a good salary in their chosen field. This can be done while they continue to work their way up by earning more and more certifications and potentially even a degree to help them advance in their position. These stackable credentials and industry certifications are also much more affordable. reports that the average cost of college in the United States has tripled in the last 20 years and now sits at $35,720 per student, per year on average. When you factor in student loan interest and loss of income, the total cost of earning a degree may be higher than $400,000.  

There are an estimated 7.4 million job openings in America, with unemployment data showing 9.7 million people out of work. This is because people do not currently have the skills they need to land in-demand jobs quickly and affordably. We are trying to bridge this gap with affordable training that can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to earn a traditional degree. For example, most Advanced Career Training Programs from ed2go can be completed for under $2,500, and many include vouchers to sit for industry-leading certification exams at no additional cost to the student. These programs also often qualify for workforce grants that can help students pay for their education because they provide in-demand job training and skills currently needed in the workforce. ed2go can even offer support in grant identification and application. 

3. Increased course flexibility  

All of ed2go’s stackable credentials and certification prep programs are available in online learning environments. Online learning allows students to log in and complete coursework as it fits their schedule. They can even continue working and balancing family responsibilities while gaining experience or going through a traditional education program and earning their new credential. These types of credentials are even conducive to a military lifestyle—whether active military or a military spouse—because they can be completed from anywhere in the world. 

4. Better preparation for future employment with in-demand skills and knowledge  

Stackable credentials and certifications can be aligned directly with employer needs and industry trends. These programs do not lock students into a lengthy program before getting their feet wet, and they are continuously and quickly revised to meet the demands of new jobs and technologies.  

Students can complete courses and earn certifications to prove mastery of specific skill sets required by employers, which will help them qualify for jobs and promotions. Many professionals even use these stackable credentials as a springboard into an industry and go on to complete traditional associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs. The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) reports that several organizations are now coming together to help people earn industry-specific certifications, regardless of educational background, and guaranteeing jobs for those who do.  

Why should this matter to you?  

More and more companies are seeing the value in stackable credentials and certifications, and they are quickly making changes in the way they hire.  

ed2go has helped other organizations expand their course offerings and increase enrollments for over 15 years. You can bypass development costs for creating and administering cutting-edge, in-demand Advanced Career Training Programs by relying on us to continuously provide: an updated catalog of courses, marketing materials for these programs, a fully-staffed Admissions Team to handle enrollments, and detailed tracking capabilities to view student progress.  

You provide the soft skills and career readiness education through your current programs while we help you deliver the industry-specific hard skills that will put your students one step ahead in any job market.   


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Online Skills Training Enables Student Success Through Employable Skills and Knowledge

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Your students want the opportunity for job training and skill development. Still, they may be fearful of starting a program because they have most likely been out of the classroom for a while, in addition to balancing work, family, and other challenges. Online learning is not new, but many people have yet to try it because they do not know what to expect. Here are some of the benefits associated with online learning—details that can help you put students at ease, including the importance of reskilling and upskilling in the current economic climate and ways to assure them that they can get proper career training, online. 

Online learning allows for flexibility 

When balancing work, family, and life stresses, flexibility in learning is essential. Online courses allow people to go back to school to get the education and training they need as it fits within their schedule. In addition, students can log in and complete coursework at any time, from wherever they have an internet connection. Online learning also allows individuals to move through content at their own pace—moving on when they have fully mastered the material versus keeping pace with the rest of their class.  

Online learning helps students prepare for digital collaboration in the workplace 

If 2020 taught us anything, it was how to work and collaborate with others in remote locations. We live and work in a global marketplace, and employees will often find themselves working on teams with people based in multiple locations and being forced to collaborate digitally. Online learning is great preparation for these situations that students will likely find themselves in during their careers. Students will need to participate in online discussions and chats with others completing the same courses to learn from them, complete assignments, and get the most out of their education.  

Online learning demands respect from employers 

There used to be a stigma that online learning was not as good as programs completed on campus, but this is no longer the case. Online learning is widely accepted as a high-quality form of learning, even one that can require more self-discipline according to an article from U.S. News & World Report. Courses are typically self-paced in online learning, meaning no instructor is standing over students, ensuring they complete assignments and progress through their program. It takes a lot of self-discipline to set, and stick to, a schedule—carving out time to study and ensuring that students fully grasp the material while moving forward. In addition, online students must be able to set goals and work toward them. This is something that employers value and want to see in potential candidates.  

Online learning is growing in popularity 

6M+ Students participate in online classes

Forbes reports that over six million students are participating in online courses, and this number is growing. Professional skills in areas like technology and allied health are extremely high, and the subjects are constantly evolving. As a result, designers of online courses have adapted and produced relevant learning content more quickly than traditional programs, driving the demand for these courses. Forbes also reports that the growth in popularity of online courses can be attributed to the increased use of technology in our daily lives. Because we are all more comfortable online with the use of computers and cell phones than we were 20 years ago, online learning has become more acceptable and viewed as a great way to obtain necessary job training.   

The bottom line 

Online learning is expanding worldwide. The market for online courses is expected to grow by $160 billion dollars in just 10 years. ed2go can helpOnline course market growth is $160B in the next 10 years make sure you have in-demand online courses and certifications in your catalog todayOver the past 15 years, ed2go has helped institutions and organizations expand course offerings, cut startup costs, and grow education enrollments by providing the courses students are looking for now and ensuring a great online learning experience 

We strive to be there for students at every step of their enrollment course completion and beyond. Not only can we help you bypass development costs for creating and administering cutting-edge, in-demand training programs, but we will also work to ensure that your students get started on the right track, stay engaged in their courses, and gain the training and skills they want by completing their program.  


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