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Industry Insights: New Decade for New Tech Career Opportunities

As 2020 dawns, the technology sector offers plenty of employment opportunities for well-prepared prospects. In fact, US News and World Report points to software development, web technologies and data management as the top career areas for the next decade.

We’re pleased to announce that we added several new Self-Paced Tutorial courses in these high-impact areas: web design, Oracle programming and data science. These courses are designed to meet demand for new hires who can contribute to their organizations immediately.

Garret Aceto, ed2go Product Manager, said these courses were designed as an affordable way for aspiring tech workers to enhance their skills in niche areas.

“Typography, for example, allow web designers to expand their toolkit,” Aceto said. “Bootstrap Training gives web developers a direct way to learn the framework for developing mobile-first sites.”

Web Design Combines Beauty and Code

Staffing agency Robert Half calls web designer a “hot job” that blends a talent for visuals with technical capabilities. Web designers are a “must have” for any organization, according to the agency.

Web designers strike a balance between the art and science. They combine knowledge of the code – usually HTML, CSS and Javascript – with the visual design principles that create a great user experience.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data anticipates “much faster than average” job growth in the web developer category, which includes design and programming functions. It notes that job growth is driven by the popularity of mobile devices and eCommerce.

Top careers that use web design skills:

  • Applications developer
  • Game developer
  • UX designer or researcher
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Web content manager
  • Creative director
  • Technical author
New Web Design Courses:
  • Color Theory | Course Code: T9785 | SRP: $79
  • Introduction to Creating, Styling, and Validating Forms | Course Code: T9788 | SRP: $159
  • Typography | Course Code: T9794 | SRP: $79
Enterprises Need Oracle Developers

US News and World Report rates “software development” as its strongest area for career growth through 2028. Within this category, developers with system-specific skills can command a premium salary.

When it comes to enterprise-level business, developers who can program in database company Oracle’s query formats are in demand. Oracle estimates 11 percent annual growth for systems administrators with similar salary growth.

Database developers create applications that present data and formulas as useful information. Oracle’s proprietary code is designed to optimize the performance of large databases. This creates ample employment opportunities in industries like banking, financial services and health care.

Top careers that use Oracle programming skills:

  • SQL database developer
  • Database analyst or administrator
  • Business intelligence (BI) developer
New Oracle Courses:
  • Oracle PL/SQL Training | Course Code: T9791 | SRP: $259
  • Oracle SQL Training |Course Code: T9790 | SRP: $239
Data Science Programming for Impact and Opportunity

While relatively young, data science is one of the hottest professions today. Data scientists are typically trained at the PhD-level, but web developers and programmers can transition into data science if they can turn their coding skills into data mining skills.

Programming language Python is the top choice for data-driven applications. Within the Python ecosystem, data-centric libraries NumPy and Pandas are used for data analysis.

Data science blog Data Incubator calls NumPy and Pandas “critical skills” for developers because they optimize code that interacts with data. NumPy and Pandas skills span two high-demand job categories – software development and data science – which contribute to solid job prospects for developers.

Top careers that use data science skills:

  • Data architect
  • Applications architect
  • Data analyst
  • Infrastructure architect
  • Enterprise architect
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data engineer
New Data Science courses:
  • Introduction to Bootstrap Training | Course Code: T9789 | SRP: $119
  • Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas | Course Code: T9792 | SRP: $119

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Online Instructor Led Courses (ILC)

Instructor Led Courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, easy to use, and lead by an expert instructor. New sessions start monthly and are in six week formats with lessons released on the third Wednesday of each month.

  • Comprehensive online course in a convenient six-week format
  • Expert instructors lead each course
  • Engaging student discussion areas
  • New sessions start monthly
  • Confirmation of completion awarded with passing score

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Online Career Training Programs (CTP)

Our Career Training Programs are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field and are aligned with in-demand, fast-growing careers.

  • Learn in-demand skills recognized by employers
  • Many courses prepare student for a national certification
  • Start anytime – work at your own pace and complete in 3 to 6 months and up to a year
  • Textbooks and learning materials are included
  • Expert instructor assistance provided
  • You’ll be teamed up with an amazing Student Advisor who will support you from start to finish
  • Academic Counselors will guide you through the enrollment process

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