System Updates

New Services Along Our Student to Career Journey

We are constantly innovating in an effort to get students the training they need to start a new career or advance within their current profession. We’d like to introduce you to some exciting new services along our student to career journey.

Employer Connection

In partnership with Benzer Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy, we are starting a pilot program for Pharmacy Technician Advanced Career Training Course students. This student opt-in service will build a bridge to a possible career by providing a list of qualified prospective job candidates who have the right skills and training to Benzer and CVS. We’ll be reaching out to currently enrolled students and recently completed students to see if they would like to participate in this free pilot program.

Check out a demo of the Student Opt-in page and the Employer Dashboard.

Skill Map

With the redesign of the website, we added Skill Map, a career-focused feature for students. You’ll find it on the top navigation at, be sure to check it out. We designed Skill Map to help learners define their career next steps and point them to appropriate courses to acquire those needed skills. Right now, students can see localized job demand, companies that are hiring, average salary numbers and understand the exact skills they need for the career they want. In the near future, they’ll also be able to create a profile to add skills, experience, education, and favorite careers and locations.

You can view Skill Map on here.

Why We’re Adding Career Focused Services

These services deliver additional value to your students, as they look to obtain the right skills and education required to advance their career. Because of this increased service to our joint experience, we believe this will increase web traffic and enrollments for you.

What You Need To Do

You DON’T need to do anything. We are handling all of the student outreach and coordination. Sit back and enjoy the additional career services your students will receive. If you don’t already offer Advanced Career Training Courses, these career-focused services complement those courses perfectly. Click here to fill out a short form to talk to your Account Manager about offering Advanced Career Training Courses.





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Important News about Course & Website Updates

Here at ed2go, we continuously upgrade and enhance our courses and platform to transform the way we deliver content, engage learners and drive successful student outcomes. We want to continue to play an important role in partner enrollments and route students to your institution to enroll in their desired courses. As our valued partner, we wanted to inform you of some exciting updates to our courses and website.


Enhanced Course Description

We recently updated the course types to meet the needs of students as they pursue courses that provide them personal enrichment or professional development.

ILC – – > Fundamentals CTP – – > Advanced Career Training
Courses that teach basic skills for professional development or personal enrichment Courses that prepare for a new career, certification, or advancement within a current occupation

Instructor-Led Courses are now referred to as Fundamentals.

Career Training Programs are now referred to as Advanced Career Training.

Fundamentals are courses that teach the basic skills for professional development or personal enrichment. Advanced Career Training courses prepare for a new career, certification, or advancement within a current occupation.

Please note: This is a transitional period and the new terms will take some time to appear in every area where the course types are mentioned.

Website Updates

We made some changes to the look and functionality of the site. Our goal is to improve the student experience while searching for their desired courses.

The updated offers students greater visibility into the wide variety of courses and programs that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. This is a great opportunity for institutions to maximize the number of courses and programs made available for student enrollment.

Combined Search



Visitors to the site will now see a combined search tool. Users can view all relevant courses and programs in a unified catalog in one click.

Improved Search Results






Users can filter their search results by multiple categories including Course Type, Course Category, and Course Length.


Each course listed in the search results will have a label displaying its course type. This provides clearer way to identify the course type.


You will not need to take any action. The website updates were made to enhance the student experience and help students find their desired courses more efficiently.

Please note: Partner hosted websites are not affected

Stay tuned for more announcements about exciting new developments!

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Announcing the new

After months of planning and hard work, we are excited to announce the new is here!

We have redesigned the website with the student in mind by simplifying the navigation and adding more career resources. This will help students discover the numerous workforce development training courses that can help them get a job, advance in their current job, or pursue a new career.

Our goal with the new website is to enhance the student journey–from course searching to course enrollment. We’ve improved the structure of our content to enhance the student discovery of new courses and career paths all while still offering the ability to easily search, learn and enroll in a course from any device while on the go.

Here are some of the highlights of the new website:

  • Enhanced search capability
  • Streamlined design and navigation
  • Simplified enrollment process

The beautifully redesigned interface of will increase the visibility of your school to online students as they search for their desired courses and programs as well as learn more of your school’s capabilities to help them fulfill their career goals.

This new design is for the home page and product pages only. More enhancements to the user experience are on the way.

This update does not change any functionality on our Partners hosted pages, but stay tuned for more details about the great things we have in store. 

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Updated Online Administration Center Tools for Course Bundle Purchases

In order to support the new bundled courses, we have made enhancements to the Online Administration Center (OAC). Below you will find a short description of what has changed along with a link to walk you through the new processes.

Catalog Management – You can now add and edit the Microsoft Office 2016 Bundled Products to your course offerings through the Online Administration Centers using the Catalog tool.

For step-by-step instruction of how to manage your catalog, click here.

New – Manage and Enroll Students tool – we have enhanced the Manage and Enroll Students to include a detailed enrollment view. This view displays much more detail about the course your student is enrolled in along with additional sort, filter and search capabilities.  Use this tool should you need to verify students in the Microsoft Office 2016 Bundled Products.

For step-by-step instruction of how to manage and enroll students, click here.

Verification – The Microsoft Office 2016 Bundled Products are now listed as a single product on your roster.  Under the Tracking tab select the Manage and Enroll Students tool.  When you verify a student in a bundled product they will now have access to all three courses within that bundle.

For step-by-step instruction of how to verify students, click here.

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Updated Online Administration Center for Career Training Programs
If you offer Career Training Programs, the upgrade will allow you to access the new Online Administration Center (OAC). Within the new OAC, you can:

  • View student rosters, student enrollment history, and enrollment details
  • Manage your catalog, where you can add and edit your courses
  • Update pricing at the course level

Partners who offer Instructor Led Courses (ILC) and Career Training Programs (CTP) will only need to sign in once to access all of their ed2go offerings You can now toggle between your ILC and CTP administration centers

The following videos will help you become familiar with this upgrade:

>  Online Administration Center Overview

>  Online Administration Center Student Manager

>  Online Administration Center Catalog Manager



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New CTP Student Center
New Career Training Program Student Center
This upgrade will also release a new Student Center for your Career Training Program students. Please view the video below, to become familiar with the changes, so you can field any questions your students may have.

View the Student Center video

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Systems Maintenance and Upgrade Scheduled for February 22nd, 2015

Our IT team is releasing new upgrades to benefit both you and your students.

Between the hours of 4:00 PM PST and 8:00 PM PST on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015, our systems will undergo an upgrade, which may limit access to several aspects of your ed2go site

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Login Help for Your Online Administration Center – Recent Changes

The login process for your Online Administration Center has changed.

Please complete the steps below to log in to your new Online Administration Center:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Can’t Login “Go to old Login Page”
  3. Login in with your old credentials
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Web Name
    4. Password
  4. Click Login
  5. Now you will be asked to create new credentials
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. Re-type email
    5. Password
    6. Re-type password
  6. Click Create
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Your Online Administration Center (OAC) Is Being Upgraded!

We’re excited to announce your Online Administration Center (OAC) will soon be upgraded.

This upgrade will include:

        • Simplified login; you will only need your email and password.

        • You can update your own user profile at any time.

        • Manage all of your rosters using a single login.

        • Conveniently reset your own password online.

        • Set up unlimited user accounts.

Screenshots of select features:

New Set-Up/Manage Users Screen

New Login Screen

Information for Your First Time Logging Into the New OAC

When logging in to the new OAC for the first time, you will need to setup your new email and password login. To do so, first click on the link below the login button, labeled “Go to Old Login Page.”

You will then be sent to the old login screen, through which you can set up your simplified login, with email and password only.

If you have any questions about these upgrades, please contact Partner Helpdesk or your dedicated Account Manager.

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