Site Design Tests to Enhance the User Experience and Increase Enrollments

ed2go continues testing small design changes to the Fundamentals and Career Training sites to identify what improves prospective learners’ decision making and purchasing process. The following experiments are currently running or will be run soon. Some experiments last a couple of weeks, some may last a few months, with the goal of collecting enough data to make an informed decision about long-term updates to the sites that enhances the user experience and increases enrollments.

Fundamentals Site Design Tests

  • Self-paced Tutorial (SPT) Purchasing Area: Based on customer research, SPT courses are the preferred Fundamentals modality for students. Therefore, a test is being run replacing the existing Add to Cart buttons with radio buttons for the SPT and ILC course options and the SPT radio button will be the default selection with an Enroll Now button at the bottom of the purchase area.
  • Instructor-led Course (ILC) Purchase Area: To assist students in making their session selections for ILC courses, we are testing displaying the session dates in the purchase area in addition to the cart area.

Career Training Site Design Tests

  1. Outcomes Data Test: Students say they currently obtain career outcomes data before deciding to enroll in an online course. To test the impact of displaying career outcomes data on enrollments, we are adding career outcomes information to the most visited product pages and courses with higher enrollments (12 courses including Medical Billing and Coding). The outcomes data will include national job openings (national total and 2024 projected openings) and median annual compensation for an entry-level career in the field. 
  2. Payment Flexibility Test: The primary reason customers abandon their purchase is because they want flexible payment options. Therefore, for partners that offer Advanced Career Training courses and Affirm and TuitionFlex as payment options, we are testing adding TuitionFlex as a separate option on the payment step of the purchasing process.