ed2go Partner Program Management Webinar Series

ed2go Partner webinar

The ed2go partner support team has kicked off a Partner Program Management webinar series to provide foundational information about working within your Online Administration Center and managing your ed2go program.

The team will hold multiple, ongoing live webinars for each topic, or you can watch on demand anytime. 

Webinar Recordings

Access webinar recordings on the home tab of your Online Administration Center at admin.ed2go.com

Getting Started with Online Administration Center – 30 minutes

    • What are the ed2go course types
    • Partner Knowledge Base (where it is and a basic how to use it)
    • What is the OAC
    • How to toggle between sites
    • Login/forgotten passwords
    • Updating contacts
    • Home page features
    • Site navigation
    • Partner Knowledge Base (where it is and a basic how to use it)

Managing Your ed2go Catalog – 45 minutes

    • How to search for a title
    • How to use filters.
    • Overview of settings
    • Overview of Pricing
    • How to add or remove a course

Student Management in you OAC – 60 minutes

    • Enrolling new and existing students
    • Enrollment status definitions
    • Viewing student profiles for courses, grades, and activity
    • Using the roster feature (searching, filtering, downloading)
    • Policy information

ed2go: Billing Overview – 30 minutes

    • How to read your activity report
    • When does billing take place

How to update billing contact information, and more

Fundamental Student Experience Webinar – 40 minutes

    • The communication that is sent to students
    • How students receive their Certificate of Completion
    • How a student gets assistance
    • Fundamental policies..and more

Content Roadmap and Course Development – 60 minutes

    • Creating the ed2go roadmap
    • Building an ed2go course
    • Designing with our partner in mind..and more

Instructor Vetting and Ongoing Performance Management  – 30 minutes

    • Overview of the instructor criteria
    • Certification and Degree requirements.
    • Evaluation and ongoing coaching of instructors..and more

Making the Most of your Fundamentals Offering – 60 minutes

    • How ed2go determines Fundamentals offerings
    • Courses that sell the best (adoption statistics)
    • Keys to a successful Fundamentals program
    • The personas of Fundamentals students..and more.

SAP Billing Webinar – 45 minutes

    • The new consolidated monthly activity invoice, providing an overview of the differences between the current and new invoices.
    • Timing of invoices and partner payments.
    • How transactions will be managed for existing enrollments that occurred in the current ed2go billing system.
    • Who to contact with questions after the transition.

Career Training Courses: Student Enrollment Journey

    • The Role of the ed2go Enrollment Team
    • The value that speaking with an ed2go ER
    • How students engage with the ed2go Enrollment team
    • From Enrollment to Course Registration..and more.

Marketing Tips & Tools to Maximize Enrollments – 30 minutes

  • Staying up to speed on important updates with our monthly Partner newsletter
  • How to utilize ed2go marketing resources to drive student interest and enrollments
  • Best practices for leveraging your institution’s website in your marketing strategy

ed2go: New Invoice Overview Webinar – 30 minutes

  • Walk through new ed2go consolidated invoice.
  • Review what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.
  • Q&A