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Students Prefer Online Payment
In recent communication we informed you of upcoming changes that will modify payment options, produce improved learning outcomes for students, increase verified enrollments, and alleviate many of the phone calls rerouted to you. With these partner and students benefits in mind, this change to the enrollment process will take place on December 15th, after which students will no longer have the option to Pay Later or enroll as Already Paid. In our continuous effort to provide solutions through this transition, we’d like to take this opportunity to announce Online Payment as the preferred enrollment setting for you.

Online Payment Benefits

Students will now make payment at the time of registration, removing the verification process and minimizing your administrative responsibilities. Not only is this more convenient for you, but online payment is the preferred method of payment for online goods and services.

Improved Processes

With online payment, you can still direct prospective students to course demos, giving them immediate access to the first lesson of any online instructor-led course. This will allow them to experience the course without needing to provide any personal information. Upon enrollment, students who pay online will immediately be added to your roster with an “O” verification status. You’ll also receive an enrollment notification email stating the student is an “online verified” enrollment. The drop process will defer to your institution’s policy. Should you need to drop an “online verified” enrollment, simply complete a Drop Request Form in the Online Administration Center (found under the Tracking tab) to request a student refund or to transfer them to a new session of the same course.

Get Started

Adding the Online Payment Service is simple! Contact your Account Manager today to get started! A nominal processing fee and adjusted billing process will apply.

What’s Next

We recognize that our Online Payment Service may not be the best solution for all enrollment types. For those partners in need of offering offline payment options, we’ll have alternative solutions and a new partner enrollment tool which will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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Want More Enrollments? Claim Your DMOZ.org Listing!

DMOZ.org is one of the largest and most established website directories. Having your site listed within the directory will likely increase the credibility of your site, thus improving its optimization and visibility within search engine results pages. More simply put, having a DMOZ.org listing can increase the number of prospective students who view your continuing ed website. Increasing enrollments is most everyone’s top priority, and this simple process is a quick and easy way to reach more students searching for the courses and programs your institution offers.

Want to submit your site to DMOZ.org? Check out this short screencast, explaining how you can submit your ed2go hosted website.

Because not every website is listed on DMOZ.org, you’ll be established as a leader within the field of online continuing education. That exclusivity gives you an advantage over competing institutions.

Still not offering the entire catalog of courses and programs? Don’t limit your reach! Add the latest courses and programs by visiting your Online Administration Center (OAC) or simply call your Account Manager for assistance.

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