Your Brand is Important to Your Learners

Students Want to Hear From You

When a student successfully completes an Advanced Career Training program, they are excited to receive their certificate of completion from you, their training provider. The student has selected your organization specifically, and a certificate of completion with your logo and brand is meaningful to them. You receive an ed2go student completion notice when your learner has completed a career training course. This is your signal to provide the student with your certificate of completion, whether that be a digital certificate you email to the student, a physical certificate you mail, or a training badge.


Ed2go recommends issuing a student’s certificate within 30 days of receipt of the completion notification; however, we know each organization has processes or additional requirements that may impact that timeframe. Additionally, we recommend using a certificate that includes the student’s first and last name, program title, and completion date. If it’s been longer than 30 days and the student contacts ed2go stating they have not received their certificate, or the student previously received a certificate, but has misplaced it or needs a copy, ed2go asks the student to follow up with you, their training provider. There are occasions when ed2go will follow up with you directly on behalf of the student, and we appreciate your timely response to certificate of completion inquiries.


Thank you for supporting your students with this important recognition of their learning achievement through your organization.