Website Design Tests Identify Changes that Increase Enrollments and Optimize User Experience

ed2go continues testing small design changes to the Fundamentals and Career Training sites to identify what improves prospective learners’ decision making and purchasing experience. The following design tests are currently running or will happen soon. Some experiments last a couple of weeks, some may last a few months, with the goal of collecting enough data to make an informed decision about long-term updates to the sites that enhance the user experience and increase enrollments.

Advanced Career Training Tests

  • Informing Students about Payment Options

Ed2go research has identified that many students struggle to pay for courses out of pocket. During this test, we are adding information about available payment options to the product detail pages on the career training site. A “Questions about funding your education?” banner will display to the student that opens a modal with information comparing payment options and financial assistance available to the student based on the partner’s payment settings.

  • Modernizing the Checkout Process

We have redesigned the checkout process to optimize and standardize the checkout flow based on user research and user experience best practices. The redesign includes a refreshed look, provides users with the needed purchase details, and identifies where the user is in the enrollment and checkout process. The goal is to prevent confusion and build confidence in the purchase process. This test will provide data on the user experience with the new checkout process compared to the current process.

  • Adding a Cart Experience for Users

In this test we will create a cart experience for career training sites which helps returning users complete their purchase by navigating to the cart icon without having to repeat the course selection process. This aligns with a traditional e-commerce shopping experience and helps users navigate between the course catalog and the courses the user is considering purchasing. Results from this test will help evaluate the impact of a shopping cart on abandonment rates.