Student Enrollment Changes: Benefits to Partners and Students

We have implemented an Advanced Career Training (ACT) Program Enrollment Change Request Form for ed2go Partner use. This form is designed to capture details from a Partner on student requests for:

  • Drops/Refunds 
  • Extensions 
  • Transfers 
  • Program Holds 
  • Program Suspensions 

This form is only for ACT enrollment changes. For Instructor-Led Course (ILC) drops and transfers, Partners will continue to use the Drop/Transfer Request Form on the Tracking tab in their Online Administration Center (OAC).

Why: Ensures the ed2go Partner Help Desk has the required information upon initial request to process the Partner’s request more efficiently by reducing the need for multiple email exchanges to gather additional information.

How to Access: A link to the form is available under the Resources section of the Home tab on the Partner’s Career Training OAC, as you can see in the image below.