Refund Policy Update

We are reducing the current refund period for ed2go Fundamentals (FUN) courses, including both instructor-led courses (ILC) and self-paced tutorials (SPT). 

  • ILC and SPT Courses: 
    • Enrollments can be dropped and refunded for up to 13 calendar days after the session access start date, as shown in the OAC, provided the following: 
      • Student has not submitted a final exam 
      • Student status is not Complete 
  • ILC Bundles:  
    • A drop of the entire bundle is allowed within 13 calendar days of the original course access start date of the first course in the bundle.  
    • The bundle must be treated as a single registration. Individual courses within the bundle cannot be dropped.  

These updates to our refund policy will go into effect on July 1, 2022, and apply to enrollments after this date. We will also have up-to-date Partner Knowledge Base articles live on July 1. 

If you have questions about the change in policy, please contact your Account Manager or Partner Help Desk.