Product Launch: HVACR Simulations

ed2go prides itself on offering innovative, relevant courses. We’re pleased to announce that a new, one-of-a-kind Advanced Career Training course is now available in the catalog. Read below for more information on the course, its purpose, and how it can fit into your continuing education catalog.


Advanced Career Training 

HVACR Simulations for Field Technicians

HVACR systems are becoming increasingly complex, so learning and mastering the latest technology is critical. The HVACR Simulations for Field Technicians offers a rich, hands-on learning experience that mimics field performance in completely online environment. Students will practice servicing, maintaining, and troubleshooting common HVAC/R scenarios in true-to-life service call simulations. 

The course consists of approximately 200 scenarios that help students master seven pieces of HVAC/R equipment – Gas Furnace, Oil Furnace, Gas Boiler, Split Residential A/C, Commercial A/C, Heat Pumps, and Commercial Walk-in Freezers. After each unit, the student’s skills and knowledge are then put to the test in 12 ungraded assessment simulations. For experienced HVACR technicians looking to sharpen their diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, this training program is ideal. 


Should I add this course to the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)?

We do not recommend adding this course to the ETPL. The course does not prepare for a specific certification, but it is designed as a robust supplementary training for experienced HVACR technicians in a true-to-life online environment.

Is the course graded?

No. While the course does have “assessment simulations” after each unit, their purpose is to test the student’s HVACR skills. 

Will students get a certificate of completion? 

Yes. However, to receive a certificate students must elect that they have finished the simulations to the best of their ability. 

How does this course benefit my catalog?

The value of this course is placed on learning outcomes through hands-on training, and not a specific grade. By offering this course, you are able to reach learners at a later stage in their HVACR career journey. 

What do I need to do?

If you’ve elected to auto-add new titles to your catalog, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you will need to add this title manually in the online administration center. If you’re not sure if you have the auto-add feature set up, contact your Account Manager.

Upcoming Course Revisions and Discontinuations:

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