Product Changes: May 2021


We are pleased to announce that we have added several new and updated courses to the ed2go catalog in May. Keep reading for more information on each new course offering and other changes.


Medical Billing Specialist (Voucher Included)

Course Code GES1019 | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $2,495 | LAUNCH DATE: APRIL 27, 2021

Introduction to Machine Learning (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Course Code T14287 | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $115 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 3, 2021, Fundamentals

Introduction to Machine Learning Course

Code ima | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $115 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 4, 2021, Fundamentals


Introduction to C++ Programming

Course Code cab | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $115 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 25, 2021, Fundamentals

Introduction to C++ Programming (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Course Code T9636 | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $115 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 25, 2021, Fundamentals

Graphic Design with Photoshop (Software Included)

Course Code GES518 | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $2,195 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 27, 2021, ACT

Graphic Design with Photoshop

Course Code GES516 | SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $1,995 | LAUNCH DATE MAY 27, 2021, ACT

QuickBooks Bundles Updating

Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2018 with Payroll Practice and Management (Software Included)

Course Code GES2026 | Suggested Retail Price $3,595
Optical Manager, Veterinary Office Manager & Dental Office Manager will be updated to include QuickBooks Online, Course Code GES2046, May 28, 2021, replacing the desktop version. Bundle codes will remain the same.


ACT: GES3032: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) ACT

Action: retirement, Effective date 6/8/21
EC-Council is retiring this course and discontinuing the exam. They will replace it this summer with a new and improved course called Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT), which will be uploaded into our catalog at that time. Active students must finish their program and sit for the certification exam by December 2021.

GES277: Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2017

Action: retirement, Effective date 6/25/21
Replace with the newest live version of the course, GES2046 – Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online Course Code GES2046, SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $2,195


If you have elected to auto-add new titles to your catalog, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you will need to add these courses manually in the Online Administration Center. Active students in retiring courses won’t be affected and can complete their courses. Pending students need to be active by the removal date.
If you are unsure if you have the auto-add feature set up,  contact your Account Manager.