Product Launch: Entrepreneurship Courses

We are pleased to announce that three new entrepreneurship courses are now available in the catalog. 


Advanced Career Training 

Business Coach

Business coaches leverage their own experience to guide other entrepreneurs. This online course will help students build and market a business coaching practice. They will gain the skills and strategies they need to help small business owners grow sustainably and increase revenue.  


Career Counselor

Career counselors help others develop their career with smart goals and clear directions. This course will empower students to start a career counseling business. They will learn the stages of career development, the fundamentals of long term planning, and how to work with diverse audiences.


Professional Consulting Practice

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from an expert consultation. This course will teach students how to establish a professional consulting practice or advisory firm. They will learn best practices for assessing business problems and making actionable recommendations to various clients. 


Who should take these course?

The entrepreneurship courses were designed for students who want to start a consulting business. 

What is the difference between the three courses?

Each course focuses on a unique aspect of business consulting. Business Coach focuses on working one-on-one with small business owners. Career Counselor focuses on guiding jobseekers and those in career transition. Professional Consulting Practice focuses on organizational consulting.

Should I add these titles to the ETPL?

Yes. These entrepreneurship courses will equip students with a valuable skill set. In fact, students in career transition may be in a unique position that allows them to focus their efforts on starting a business.

When should I add these titles to the ETPL?

If you plan to add these titles, you should apply for approval immediately. If you need more information on the ETPL submission process, please contact your account manager.

What do I need to do?

If you’ve elected to auto-add new titles to your catalog, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you will need to add them manually in the online administration center. If you’re not sure if you have the auto-add feature set up, contact your Account Manager.

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