Payment Plan Options and ed2go TuitionFlex Studies

Through research, we have learned that ability to pay for education is a primary user-reported barrier to enrollment. Therefore, ed2go is focused on helping students understand what their payment plan options are and make it easy for them to select the option that best fits their needs. To support this, in September we will be testing two items:

  1. For advanced career training courses, we will be testing the addition of information about available payment and financing options as a banner to the product information pages. What is displayed will be dependent on how the partner is setup with ed2go, for example, whether they allow ed2go to collect payment on their behalf or not, if Affirm is enabled, if TuitionFlex is available, etc.
  2. For partners offering ed2go’s TuitionFlex payment option, we will begin testing adding a radio button to select TuitionFlex during the checkout process. Once selected, information about this payment option will be presented and the learner would be able to proceed to the TuitionFlex website user registration page.