Upcoming Optimization Study

Last month we discussed a design study based on a year’s worth of research on shopper needs and ed2go Partner feedback. For that study, we applied the feedback to a new design for the Advanced Career Training (ACT) course title area, page navigation, metadata, and the purchasing area of the course details page.  

In July, we will apply this feedback to the Fundamentals catalog and shopping experience, creating a more prominent display of course information, navigation links, course content navigation, and purchasing details. Note: These changes are only on the course details page.  

We learned also from user research that information about financial assistance and payment options is valuable to students. Therefore, we want to ensure shoppers have access to as much information as possible regarding the payment options available from the Partners through which they are enrolling. This study is to test a redesign of the payment options pages on the ACT sites.  

The payment options page redesign features multiple ways to pay with updated explanatory text that links to full pages for some of the payment options. The page contains all the important information about the different financing options (Military Funding, Government Funding, Other Financing) and the different payment options (credit card, Affirm). 

These new design studies have been tested among a focus group of students and shoppers, and we are now ready to test it live with shoppers. As with our other studies, this is an A/B test where 50% of shoppers will see our current web page design, and 50% will see the new design.