Catalog Update: October 2020

Our catalog is constantly changing and that’s a good thing! Please read below for more information on recent course updates.


The following course was updated on October 27, 2020:

How is this course changing?

Primarily, we are updating the course content to better meet today’s learning standards. Students will now learn through objective-based lessons and scenario-based activities.

Will the content changes impact the course outline?

Yes. The amount of lessons will increase from 24 to 26.

Will the course still prepare students for certification?

Yes. Students will be prepared for the ABO’s National Opticianry Competency exam (NOCE) and Contact Lens Registry exam (CLRE). On course completion, they will receive a pre-paid voucher that covers the cost of the ABO exam of their choosing.

Is the course title changing?


Will the price change?


How will this impact Partners?

These changes will be reflected in the catalog automatically.

How will this impact students?

Active students will be able to finish their course with no changes to course access.