Upcoming Student Online Order Experience Research

ed2go continuously works to improve the student user experience by performing research that enables us to review and enhance their online course selection and enrollment experience. Please review the following research projects that will be conducted in the coming weeks: 

Project #1 

A new online shopping experience will launch based on a year’s worth of research on shopper needs and ed2go Partner feedback The data collected from this research is being applied to a new design for the course title area, page navigation, metadata, and the purchasing area of the course details page.  

For shoppers, we created a more prominent display of course information using new language to better convey learning modality, timelines, certificates, and vouchers. For Partners, we modernized the entire look and added elements that will eventually be able to adopt your brand’s primary and secondary colors. This new design has been tested among a focus group of students and shoppers, and we are now ready to test it live with shoppers.  

Project #2 

To increase visibility for students who prefer to speak with someone about their course selections or have questions, the phone number on Advanced Career Training (ACT) course product pages is being relocated to a more prominent place on the web page and added to a couple more locations where students navigate.  

Project #3 

For Fundamentals course product pages and in the shopping cart, we are adding clarifying language to define both the instructor interaction for Instructor-Led Courses (ILCs) and the start time for Self-Paced Tutorials (SPTs). This project came directly from student and Partner feedback and is designed to enable students to make more educated decisions regarding which Fundamentals learning modality will meet their needs.  

From these projects, we plan to capture student feedback and learn what language, workflows, and placement of information ensures a positive and efficient process for students. 

As with our other past research projects all three  involve 50% of shoppers who will see our current web page design and 50% that will see the new design. ed2go will compare the results from the research to make future online experience decisions.