What is the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA)?

MyCAA is a career development and employment assistance program sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program. MyCAA helps active military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications, or Associates Degree necessary for gainful employment in high demand, high growth, portable career fields and occupations.

How do I find out if my institution is already MyCAA Approved?

You will need to visit the Academic Institution (AI) Portal located here.
  1. If you do not have a login username or password, select “User Account Controller.”
  2. From there, you can search to see if your academic institution is already approved.
  3. If you are, the AI Portal will display the person’s name, email, and phone number so that you may get into contact with them to grant you access to your institution’s account on the portal.
  4. If your institution is not listed, then you will need to apply.

What is the AI Portal?

The AI Portal is the platform you use to help students find the programs you offer, get paid for MyCAA funded enrollments (in addition to other military funding programs), and track all the information you need for your institution that relates to MyCAA. This is a government owned platform that academic institutions will need a login and password to enter. For more information regarding the AI Portal, please select the link below:

Is ed2go a part of MyCAA or vice versa?

No, ed2go is not affiliated with MyCAA. We offer a variety of courses through our academic partners that qualify to receive MyCAA funds and we are glad to help you with MyCAA-funded enrollments by providing outstanding partner and student support. For assistance with issues involving MyCAA policy or AI Portal technical support, it’s best to follow up with MyCAA personnel directly.

Where do I go to begin the process to become a MyCAA participating institution?

Here you will be able to find many resources, including onboarding procedures, contact information, and helpful information that will help you understand the MyCAA processes and guidelines:

Who should I contact if I need more information?

You can always contact your Account Manager for information regarding ed2go and third-party funding. If you have questions about the MyCAA process, billing details, or the AI Portal, please follow the link below: