Maximizing Your ed2go Partnership: The Benefits of Collaborating with Us!

In the ever-evolving education and professional development landscape, ed2go recognizes that the journey to success is shared, and our commitment to partnership success goes beyond mere collaboration.

We consider ed2go Partners integral to our mission of making education and skill development accessible to all. With this mindset, we have meticulously tailored our approach to Partner success to be adaptable to not only align with your short and long-term goals but also serve as a testament to our dedication to your learner’s personal and professional success.

Today, let’s review our most comprehensive services, each crafted to fortify and enhance our partnership.

1. Personalized Partner Marketing

ed2go is more than just a course provider. We are invested in Partner success. We provide you with the marketing resources and guidance you need to promote your courses and programs to your students. We continually add new content and collateral to meet our Partners’ needs.

Our “Campaigns in a Box” approach provides Partners with ready-to-use marketing resources, including emails, web banners, and social ads. This means you can effortlessly broaden your course coverage, enabling your students to prepare for what is in demand in their region. Your channel marketing manager is also available to strategize with you to support your program’s marketing needs.

Additionally, our digital marketing team focuses on direct-to-consumer digital marketing, email and lifecycle marketing, creative and SEO for our student-facing properties, and identifying, creating, and optimizing experiences for paid and organic lead generation and sales.

This multi-prong marketing approach ensures that you have the resources you need to get the word out about your course offerings.

2. Boosting Organic Search Traffic with Subdomain Connect

We understand the importance of brand visibility, and that’s why we offer the option to switch your domain name to your .edu. Partners have experienced benefits that include increased search engine rankings, organic search traffic, and lead growth. In fact, Partners who switch their domain experience a 3x year-over-year revenue growth rate and 415% lead growth.

You can showcase your full Advanced Career Training (ACT) catalog effortlessly and position yourself as a prominent player in the online education landscape with this quick, one-time update.

3. SEO Excellence with Our Product Page Initiative (PPI)

Standing out in the crowded digital space is no easy feat, but with our Product Page Initiative (PPI), Partners can soar in organic traffic rankings and more.

As you implement product pages, you not only enhance your SEO but also attract a broader audience eager to engage with your offerings. Partners who implement PPI have experienced 3x year-over-year revenue growth, 40% lead growth, and a 70% increase in organic traffic. It’s a win-win that puts your institution at the forefront of online education.

4. Grant Opportunities

Financial considerations should never hinder educational pursuits. ed2go’s experienced grant experts are on staff and proactively looking out for new grants in your area. When grants become available, your account manager will contact you to see if you are interested in applying.

We do not just stop at identification; we partner with you to write and apply for these grants, ensuring that financial support is seamlessly integrated into your educational offerings.

Partnering for Success

In the competitive realm of online education, ed2go stands out not just as a provider but also as a resourceful, industry-leading partner that can leverage decades of experience to help foster your journey to success. This is not built on promises; instead, we focus on creating a foundation for lasting partnership growth and expansion.

As you further review the myriad benefits of being an ed2go Partner, remember that your success is our success. Together, we can reshape the educational landscape, empower learners, and drive positive change to help you increase retention rates, lower recruitment costs, increase internal promotion and advancement, and share vital student data, attendance, progress, and more!

Reach out to your account manager to learn more ways to maximize your partnership.