The Increasing Demand for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are responsible for moving more than 70% of goods in America, and almost 6% of all the full-time jobs in the country are in the trucking industry. This makes drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) an essential part of the U.S. economy. There is also a growing market demand for professional drivers. Consequently, truck drivers can earn competitive salaries and routes that offer a great worklife balance.

Job Outlook for Truck Drivers

The average annual salary of truck drivers in the U.S. is $77,955 or $25.92 per hour, while many experienced professionals earn over six figures annually. 

There is also an increasing demand for certified truck drivers to meet supply chain needs and growing online purchasing trends. On average, about 259,900 jobs for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers are expected annually, with a 4% employment increase through 2031. 

Equip Your Students to Become Entry-Level Truck Drivers

Our new ed2go courses are designed to prepare your students to launch a successful career as truck drivers. The Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations set the minimum state-specified requirements for training that new and aspiring truck drivers must fulfill before they can take certain CDL knowledge or skill tests. Our 100% online courses meet the theory (knowledge) requirements listed in The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49 CFR Part 380, Special Training Requirements.  

We have launched the following new courses: 

Note: There are no refunds for these courses. They are excluded from ed2go standard refund policies. Once access to the course is provided, no refunds will be allowed. 

Upon completion of each course, the record of students will be uploaded to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Training Provider Registry (TPR). Open enrollment means students can register and start learning anytime. Get in touch to learn more about these courses and how they can help your students.