A Stable and Rewarding HVAC/R Technician Career

Do you have students looking for a stable and yet fulfilling career? One such profession that will always be in demand is that of an HVAC/R technician. HVAC/R refers to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. An HVAC/R technician installs, maintains, and repairs these systems. Keep reading to learn why this career is great for students and can be a great catalog addition for your institution.

HVAC/R Technician Job Description

The work of an HVAC/R technician is physical, technical, and mechanical. It also requires analytical skills to troubleshoot problems and communication skills to deal with customers. These are the main tasks of an HVAC/R service technician:
Other tasks include keeping daily logs and maintenance records, communicating with customers, and complying with appliance, occupational safety, and service standards.

HVAC/R Technician Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that over 38,000 new jobs will be added through 2030. This demand is driven by building construction and the increasing shift to more advanced climate-control systems. The need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire, is also a key factor.

HVAC/R Technician Salary

According to BLS data, the median HVAC/R service technician salary is $50,590 as of May 2020. The highest 10% earners make over $80,820 a year, while the salary for the lowest 10% was below $31,910.
The top sectors where HVAC/R service technicians work for, along with the median annual salary, are:

HVAC/R Technician Certification 

Most employers prefer applicants with some form of experience, another reason why students benefit from becoming certified as an HVAC/R technician.
You can offer our HVAC/R Technician course, which will allow your students to pursue their HVAC/R certification online in a self-paced and flexible environment. It will provide them with in-depth technical knowledge and service call simulations that bring concepts to life—taught by our expert instructor with industry experience.
There is not just one HVAC/R certificate but multiple certificates. There are three entry-level HVAC/R certificate exams to pass:
These all meet the HVAC/R certification requirements employers look for.
Students who enroll in our online HVAC/R Technician course will also receive a voucher package for the HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certificate exam and EPA 608 Certification exam. However, requirements vary by state, and we suggest students research this further prior to enrollment to ensure this course is the right fit for them.
Learn more about our online HVAC/R Technician course and how it can help your students get trained and certified to be work-ready today.