Enrollment Conversion Optimization Continues

We continue to improve the ed2go Partner and student experience by experimenting with web enhancements that help you drive more enrollments while enabling student success through our educational content. The next experiment for select ed2go Partner Advanced Career Training (ACT) websites focuses on providing more information and a refreshed page design during the checkout process to assist the student in navigating through the purchase process.   

Please take a moment to review the following details. 

As with other experiments, the testing is a random 50/50 between students who see the original page design and those who will see the alternate design. 

  • Who: Select Partner ACT sites 
  • What: Account, Shipping, Payment, and Thank You page designs and content. This includes an Order Summary on each page for the student’s reference, along with a streamlined and user-friendly, guided navigational experience 
  • Why: To increase enrollment conversions by providing clear instructions and purchase details 
  • When: By early November