Empowering the Future of Online Education

At ed2go, our mission is to assist students in achieving their career objectives by providing them with low-cost, interactive courses. We are committed to helping students improve their skills and prepare for a new career path. Our goal is to support your institution’s objectives and help students at every stage of their learning journey.

The Student Value of an ed2go Partnership

We understand the importance of providing students with not just online courses, but comprehensive solutions that propel them toward their goals from day one. Here is a range of those benefits:

1. High Value, Low Cost

In today’s world, access to quality education should not be hindered by financial constraints. We firmly believe in making education accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.

That is why we offer affordable pricing that includes all the essentials, such as exam vouchers and materials. Students get a high-quality education without breaking the bank, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of their aspirations.

2. Broadest Range of Courses

We recognize that each individual’s career aspirations are unique, which is why we offer a diverse array of courses spanning various industries. Whether a student’s passion lies in healthcare, IT, business, or any other field, we have a course tailored to their interests and career goals.

Our extensive range of courses is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen field while also meeting the highest industry demands. From entry-level courses to advanced certifications, we offer comprehensive programs that cater to students at every stage of their career journey.

3. Mapped to Exams and Credentials

We understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s competitive job market. That is why our courses are meticulously curated to align with industry standards and certification exams. We prioritize staying up to date with the latest trends and requirements in each field, ensuring that our curriculum reflects the skills and knowledge employers are seeking.

By enrolling in an ed2go course, a student not only gains valuable theoretical knowledge but also receives practical training that prepares them for real-world challenges. Moreover, our courses are structured to help them successfully obtain industry-recognized credentials, making them a highly desirable candidate in the eyes of potential employers. With ed2go, students can be confident that they are not just learning but investing in their future success.

4. Hands-On Interactivities

We are firm believers in the power of experiential learning. We understand that simply acquiring theoretical knowledge is not enough to succeed in today’s competitive job market. That is why our courses are designed to be highly interactive, with a focus on hands-on activities and simulations that replicate real-life scenarios.

By immersing themselves in practical experiences, students will not only solidify their understanding of key concepts but also develop valuable skills that are directly applicable to their chosen field. These hands-on learning opportunities will set them apart from other candidates, demonstrating to employers that they can hit the ground running from day one.

5. Multiple Payment Options

We understand that financing education can sometimes be a barrier to achieving a student’s educational goals. That is why we are committed to providing flexible payment options that cater to their individual needs.

Whether students are looking for third-party funding or require financing assistance, we are here to help them navigate the financial aspect of their educational journey. Our goal is to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their pursuit of knowledge and career advancement. With our flexible payment options, students can focus on their studies with peace of mind, knowing that they have the support they need to achieve their educational aspirations.

Start Learning Today

We are committed to empowering you AND your students to meet your goals. As an ed2go Partner, we are here to help foster your short and long-term success.

With resources like personalized marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), grant opportunities, and more—we are ready and willing to help you hit the ground running or boost your existing goals (increase retention rates, improve employee morale, etc.).  

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