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Vital signs are strong and point to a healthy, robust Allied Health portfolio at ed2go. For more than a decade, ed2go has been providing Allied Health courses, but as job demand has increased, we’ve stepped up our investment to build the most comprehensive team of experts and selection of high-quality courses on the market. From the person who greets patients, to the one who sterilizes surgical instruments, or draws blood for testing, these careers are growing and vital to the health of our community.  

How Can Students Be Competitive Candidates for Allied Health Careers?  

According to research published by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in February 2023, students who successfully pass national accreditation exams are deemed more likely to be ready for the workplace when it comes to Allied Health career fields. A majority of employers require certification first and foremost when screening candidates for jobs in these fields. In fact, the NHA reports that more than 80% of the employers across all Allied Health professions surveyed encourage/require certification for employment, and ed2go pass rates for Allied Health certifications are 8% higher than the national average. 

New and Improved Course Content for Student Success  

ed2go is meeting today’s students learning needs with improved content and interactive activities to form real-world applications. Additionally, our courses prepare students for the latest versions of professional certification exams to ensure they can compete in this growing field. Our recently launched courses including Certified Phlebotomy Technician, Home Health Aide, Registered Behavior Technician, Patient Access Representative, EKG Technician, and Sterile Processing Technician (and more to come) train students to fill roles that are in vital need right now. 

New Featured Allied Health Courses 

Home Health Aide

The ed2go Home Health Aide course will provide students with the essential knowledge and core competencies needed to perform all duties in this growing field of at home care. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of home health and personal care aides is projected to grow significantly through 2031, much faster than the average—with over 711,000 job openings for home health and personal care aides projected each year, on average.  

In addition to training, federal standards for Home Health Aides require a minimum of 16 hours of clinical experience. This course includes a clinical experience guide and access to a support team who will assist students in obtaining a clinical experience opportunity. Our Home Health Aide course will be available for partners in the following 21 states due to state requirements: AL, AZ, AR, CT, DE, GA, ID, IA, KY, LA, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, NE, NM, SC, SD, VA, and WV. 

Registered Behavior Technician  

The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training course includes Applied Behavioral Analysis and will provide your students with the 40 hours of training needed to schedule their Initial Competency Assessment with their supervisor in the field. During this 40-hour training course, students will also have access to a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst who will provide feedback on course assignments explicitly designed to prepare them for the Initial Competency Assessment.  

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in this area will grow by 9%, which is faster than the average job growth, through the year 2031. Passing the Initial Competency Assessment and working under a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst is imperative for successful entry into this field.   

Sterile Processing Technician 

This online Sterile Processing Technician Certification training course will prepare students with workplace skills as well as prepare them for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification offered by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA). The BLS estimates that job demand for sterile processing technicians and similar positions will increase by 6% through 2031 and that 7,700 jobs will be opened each year in this job category. 

Sterile Processing Technicians, also known as Central Services Technicians, play a critical role in preventing infection by properly sterilizing, cleaning, processing, assembling, storing, and distributing medical supplies and equipment. Earning the CRCST, a certification program designed for entry-level and existing technicians, will demonstrate that students have the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to show competence as sterile processing technicians. 

Adding Allied Health Courses to Your Catalog 

ed2go continues to invest in our Allied Health team and portfolio to better prepare your students for in-demand careers with workplace readiness skills and certifications. We encourage you to take advantage of all of our comprehensive training programs by including them in your course catalog.  

Not only will offering more courses maximize your enrollments, but you will round out your portfolio and allow students to choose the career that’s the best fit for them. Please contact your account manager for more information on adding these and other courses to your catalog.  

Check out what’s new and coming soon! 

New Courses:
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  • Registered Behavior Technician
  • Sterile Processing Technician
  • Home Health Aide (select states) 
  • Phlebotomy Technician 
  • EKG Technician 
  • Pharmacy Technician 

New Course Releases:

  • Personal Care Aide 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (select states)
  • Hemodialysis Technician  

Course Releases Later in 2023 

  • Mental Health Technician 
  • Emergency Medical Technician