E1 Invoice Issues

This is an important update regarding ed2go invoices. As part of our recent launch of a new finance system, we’ve discovered some short-term issues that are scheduled to be resolved in the coming weeks. Due to these matters, invoice delivery has been delayed. Invoices will be sent by the end of the week. 
On your ed2go invoice you may notice missing enrollments or incorrect billing. These include: 
Unnecessary information on your invoice
Unbillable line items displaying on invoice (e.g.- student or session transfers should only be appearing after rosters close). 
Invoice billing impact
Advanced Career Training Programs: 
  • Student transfers: When students drop and re-enroll the original funds are not being charged off, therefore, enrollment activity is not clearly reflected on the invoice line items. Direct to student transactions are not affected.  
  • Version transfers: You should only receive an invoice with a credit but a duplicate invoice is also being sent.
  • Bundles: New invoices are created in error when a course in a bundle is activated. You should only be invoiced once per bundle.
All course types: 
Students who paid prior to April 1, 2018 (when E1 went live) for the April session were not imported into E1. Your April invoice did not include charges for partner-collected enrollments or payments for ed2go-collected enrollments. You will be billed/paid in the next billing cycle.
  • For Canadian partners only: Initial charges will be displayed in CAD with USD corrections on the same invoice. Your invoice is correct, please disregard the CAD line items. 
Please note: Net checks for online paid enrollments will be sent out in a few weeks. Previously, checks and reports were delivered in the same envelope. Moving forward these will be sent separately.  
What Do You Need to Do? 
If you notice pricing issues with your daily Advanced Career Training invoices, please contact us and we will credit you, immediately. 
For all invoice issues, please contact ed2go Accounting at [email protected].
As you might have noticed above, ed2go Accounting has a new email address! Please direct all accounting and billing inquiries to [email protected].
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