Course Discontinuations and Revisions

Our catalog is constantly changing, but that’s a good thing! Please read below for information on upcoming course revisions and discontinuations:

Advanced Career Training Courses

Web technologies are forever evolving and browser support has become more standardized. In an effort for continuous improvement, we revised our web developer courses to address the latest technology and removed outdated aspects that are no longer applicable to browser support.

As a result, the course hours for the following courses will change accordingly on April 01, 2019:

  • Web Applications Developer (GES316) – 380 hours increased to 404 hours
  • Web Design Professional (GES517) – 330 hours increased to 384 hours
  • Mobile and Desktop Web Developer/Responsive Web Design (GES319) – 480 hours decreased to 460 hours

In addition, the following courses will be discontinued and removed from the catalog on April 01, 2019:

  • Mobile Web Developer (GES317)

This course will be retired due to low enrollments and outdated course content. We recommend directing your students to the revised Mobile and Desktop Web Developer/Responsive Web Design (GES319) course to learn the latest in web development technologies.

  • Customs Broker (GES753)

This course will be retired due to low enrollments. There is no replacement at this time.

What Partners Need to Do:

You do not need to take any action as these updates will be reflected in the catalog automatically.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

What Enrolled Students Need to Do:

Students currently enrolled in these courses will able to finish their course with no change to the curriculum.

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