Comprehensive Certification Training for Aspiring Pharmacy Technicians

Female pharmacist or pharmacy technician
Health care continues to be one of the fastest-growing sectors, and pharmacy tech is a profession in top demand. Many states require pharmacy technician certification, so there is a huge opportunity for training providers to offer a pharmacy technician certification course.

What Is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers. They interact with patients to collect information, fill a prescription, and answer questions. They prepare and package medications for distribution to patients under the supervision of a pharmacist. In most states, pharmacy technicians can compound or mix some medications. They can also operate automated dispensing equipment when filling prescription orders.
There is also a lot of clerical work involved. For instance, pharmacy technicians take inventory and order supplies and medications. They encode patient information along with their prescriptions into a database.
Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and grocery stores. Other work environments are research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance firms.

Job Outlook and Salary

With an aging population and increasing rates of chronic diseases, there is a growing need for prescription medications. As pharmacists perform more patient care work like administering flu shots, pharmacy technicians take on more tasks previously done by pharmacists.


There is a steadily growing demand for pharmacy technicians. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) expects the pharmacy technician job market to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029. A JobRx report projects a higher growth rate of 7% between 2018 and 2028.
Most states require pharmacy technicians to be trained and certified. As such, the demand for a pharmacy technician certification course continues to be strong.


According to the BLS, pharmacy technicians earn a median annual wage of $35,100 as of May 2020. Hospitals tend to pay more, with a median salary of $39,290. The highest 10% earned more than $50,430.

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Many states regulate pharmacy technicians. They usually require technicians to take formal education or training programs. Even where it is not required, undergoing a pharmacy technician course could make it easier to secure a job. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) offers certification, primarily the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) designation. Applicants must complete a pharmacy technician course in the USA, for example, ed2go’s PTCB-accredited pharmacy technician course with an exam voucher included, or equivalent work experience, and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam® (PTCE®).

Offering Pharmacy Technician Courses 

ed2go has two online courses that allow partners to take advantage of the growing demand for pharmacy technicians. 
Our introductory course, “Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician,” gives an overview of the pharmacy industry and the profession of a pharmacy technician. This is a good short foundational course for those considering entering this profession but who are not yet ready to fully commit. 
For those who want to take the PTCE, our Pharmacy Technician Online Certification Training is a leading online course for pharmacy technicians. It is an accredited online pharmacy technician course and a registered pharmacy technician course by the PTCB.
The pharmacy technician course includes an introduction to pharmacy and pharmacy law and ethics, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacology, communication skills and billing, and lab practice. It is 400-course hours that can be completed in 12 months. Our pharmacy technician prep course will help applicants get a passing score on the PTCB exam. 
An exam voucher is included in the course fee.  Also, part of our Pharmacy Technician Online Certification Training course is an option to perform a 100-hour clinical externship to gain experience.
With a comprehensive curriculum, PTCB accreditation, online on-demand delivery, and clinical externship, our Pharmacy Technician Online Certification Training equips aspiring pharmacy technicians to pass the exam and get real-world training to boost their chances of getting hired in this in-demand field.