Catalog Updates: October 2019

Our catalog is constantly changing and that’s a good thing! Please read below for more information about recent and upcoming updates.


The following courses have been retired and will be remove from the catalog effective immediately:

Why were these courses retired?

These courses were retired due to outdated course content. Subsequently, these course prepare for CCNA certification exams that will be retired and replaced on February 24, 2020.

Will they be replaced?

Yes. We plan to replace these courses with a single, comprehensive course that prepares for the newest CCNA certification exams. The new course will launch in early 2020.

How will this impact students?

Our content only aligns to the current CCNA exam, so active students must take the current exam before the February 24, 202o retirement date.
The following course has been retired and will be remove from the catalog effective immediately:

Why was this course retired?

We retired this course because it no longer fits into our current catalog roadmap.

Will it be replaced?

While do not have a replacement planned at this time, we are looking into complementary courses to fill this need.

How will this impact students?

Active students will be able to finish the course with no changes to the curriculum. Pending students will have until February 13, 2020 to complete the course.
The following course will be revised on November 30, 2019:

Why why is this course being revised?

This course will be updated to better reflect the current state of the web development field. The distinction between mobile and desktop design is not as significant as it once was, so the revised course will better align with today’s industry standards.

How will the course change?

Most noticeably, the course title will change to Web Applications Developer Plus. The course outline will also be updated to match the revised content. However, the course hours and duration of access will remain unchanged.

How will this impact students?

Active students will remain in the current course, but can transfer to the updated content upon request. Pending students will be enrolled into the revised course.


You do not need to take any action. This change will be reflected in your catalog automatically.