Price Positioning Testing and How It Could Improve Your Website

We are always looking to improve the ed2go Partner and student experience, from course design to website user experience (UX). Our goal is to help you drive more enrollments through the services and resources we provide while enabling student success and engagement through our educational content.  

With this in mind, we want to inform you that we will be conducting a price positioning test on ed2go Partner Advanced Career Training (ACT) websites. Please take a moment to review the following details. 

Conversion Optimization – Partner ACT Site Price Positioning Testing


  • All Partner ACT Sites except API partners.


  • We are exploring if displaying pricing on the search page impacts whether a student clicks through to the product page.  
  • Currently, we display the prices on ACT search results pages and want to determine if moving pricing from this page to the product page would influence the rate of clickthrough and purchase. 
  • The test will show pricing on the ACT search page for some students and hide it for others, presenting the pricing when the prospective student clicks through to the product page.


  • Hypothesis: The belief is that removing pricing from the search page will increase the clickthrough rate because learners won’t be deterred by a course that they think is too expensive. The student will instead remain undeterred or curious in the absence of pricing and ultimately click through to the product page to learn more about the course and how taking the course will benefit them.
  • If the hypothesis proves true, the information will be used for the site page redesigns. 
  • Partner benefit: Site enhancements to drive additional enrollments/convert more interested site visitors to students. 


  • The testing of price positioning on the ACT websites will commence in May.