Updated Student Enrollment Agreement: Extension Policy

This is an important update regarding our course extension policy. We are revising the Extension Policy within the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) to enhance the student learning experience and encourage timely course completion.
The goal of the new Extension Policy is to increase course completion rates. We are allowing students a maximum metric of 150% in order to be in line with most ed2go partner institutions’ standards for calculating completion rates. For more information about how we developed the metric for completion rates please visit the following webpage: https://nces.ed.gov/pubs2017/2017046.pdf
We will continue to charge fees for course extensions to cover the administrative costs to support students as we extend their access to their courses. Sales tax may apply to these fees. Partners will not receive a portion of the fees collected from course extensions.
The new policy will apply to students enrolling in courses beginning on April 2, 2018. Students enrolling prior to this date will be held to the previous policy. Students can access the new SEA in the Student Center on ed2go.com.


Please click on the following link to familiarize yourself with the updated agreement: Student Enrollment Agreement
The new Student Enrollment Agreement will become effective on April 2, 2018.