Adding, Removing, and Pricing Self-Paced Tutorial Courses

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On August 8, 2018, we will add 45 Self-Paced Tutorial courses to the catalog, all of which correspond to existing instructor-led Fundamentals courses. This release also modifies GeoLocation and Affinity rules in the ed2go portal, which affects partners who choose not to offer Self-Paced Tutorial (SPT) courses.
Below is a list of frequently asked questions about adding and removing SPT courses from your catalog.

Can I offer an instructor-led course and not offer the SPT counterpart? Or vice-versa?

Yes. You can include or exclude courses and modalities as you see fit. However, the SPT launch modifies the GeoLocation and Affinity rules, so not offering a modality will impact how your institution appears in the ed2go portal.

Will not offering SPT courses also affect partner-hosted sites?

No. This release only modifies what appears in the ed2go portal. When a partner school does not offer both modalities, nearby partners that offer the modality will also populate on the course details page. Students can then choose which is more important to them, modality or partner.

How can I remove SPT courses from my catalog? They were automatically added based on my catalog settings.

Step 1: In the OAC Catalog, filter by product type “Self-Paced Tutorial.”
Step 2: In the course list, search for the course you wish to remove and uncheck the box next to the title.
Step 3: After the box is unchecked, click the Remove button and review your selection below.
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the desired titles are removed.

How can I add SPT courses to my catalog, since they were not auto-added?

Similar to removing courses, filter products by type. Then, search by course and check the box to add.
Repeat this until all the desired titles are added.

How are SPT courses priced?

Default pricing is the same for SPT courses and their instructor-led counterpart. The prices are the same so the value proposition is learning preference, not cost. Ideally, students will choose the modality that best fits their need without focusing on the price. However, you may have policy that requires you to price course types (self-paced or instructor-led) differently. The OAC allows you to adjust the price if needed.

What’s happens next?

We will send out an announcement with the list of new SPT courses on launch date. If you have further questions, please contact your Account Managers for more information.