Courses Taught in Spanish (Bilingual)

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Download PDF (573kb)Use this piece to promote the Advanced Career Training courses that ed2go currently offers in Spanish. It features 2 sides, one in Spanish and then the exact same flyer in English on the other side. This full ad can be used in your catalog or as a flyer and is the perfect way to reach bilingual (Spanish/English) households.

Featured Programs:

  • Programa de Certificado de Conocimiento Básico de HVACR NATE Core (HVACR Technician – NATE Service Core)
  • Fundamentos de Preston Bailey para el Diseño Floral (Preston Bailey’s Fundamentals of Floral Design)
  • Diseños Florales de Lujo (Preston Bailey’s Intermediate Floral Design)
  • Plan de Estudios del Curso de Certificación de Organización de Bodas y Eventos (Certified Wedding Planner)
  • El Curso Especializado de Diseño de Bodas y Eventos de Preston Bailey (Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding & Event Design)
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