Data Obfuscation Will Better Protect User Privacy

Our users are important to us—even if they’ve been inactive for some time. In an effort to better manage personal data, protect the privacy of our students and partners long term and comply with updated CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) 2023 requirements, ed2go put new data obfuscation practices in place on January 31, 2023. 

We have effectively begun anonymizing the inactive user data of students, accounts, and partners. If a user is known to have been inactive for five years or more (1 year or more if the user is a minor), the following data points will be anonymized: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Email Address, and Phone Numbers. 

This anonymized data will no longer be displayed or searchable within our user interface tools and reports found in our Admin Tools, Online Administration/Instruction Centers, and other internal ed2go tools. However, the account holder can request to have their account restored if the request is made within six months of it being obfuscated. Due to data retention compliance, six months after the data has been anonymized the database copy that contains obfuscated information will be destroyed. 

An anonymized user can reappear in the future—even if they use an email address that was previously anonymized, by creating a new account. Previous data from the inactive account will not be reflected in the newly created account. 

Student completions will be retained and should not be affected in any way by this data obfuscation process. 

We feel this is an important step that we must take to better manage how we store personal data and better protect our users’ privacy. If you have questions, please contact our Partner Help Desk: [email protected]