Workforce Funding: ETPL Approved Program Flyer Copy

This flyer/ad will help you highlight the programs you have approved on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) to workforce training providers. Once they know what programs are approved they will suggest your programs and increase enrollments. Download the template, add your approved programs, flatten and save a pdf.

Send it to:

  • Workforce Investment Boards
  • Employment Development Departments
  • Americas Job Centers (Goodwill, Rescare, KRA Corporation)

Workforce training positions this information useful to:

  • Career/Employment Specialists
  • Executive Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Case Managers

We’ve designed this template for you to easily update and send. However, if you need any assistance contact Bobby Palma, our Workforce Account Manager at [email protected] or 951-972-3748 Download PDF

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