Updated Career Training Program: Paralegal

We have recently revised and enhanced the following career training program:

Title: Paralegal

This program is ideal for students who are looking to become a Paralegal or prepare for the CLA exam.

The program textbooks, Introduction to Paralegalism: Perspectives, Problems and Skill and Paralegal Today: The Legal Team at Work, have been updated to the latest editions, and online content has been revised to reflect this change. In addition, the program flow has been improved to help students with the more challenging portions of this program, and discussions boards have been added to allow for more facilitator-to-student and student-to-student interaction throughout the program. In recognition of the breadth of content covered in this program and the 300 program hours expected to complete, the initial duration of access has been increased from 6 months to 12 months. The allowed extensions remain unaffected.

Hours: 300

Cost: $1695

Program SRP: $1995

Availability: Immediate

To view changes to the online catalog information for this course, please reference http://www.ed2go.com/career/training-programs/paralegal

This program is currently available for enrollment. If you have already asked us to add new programs to your catalog, you don’t need to do anything. To add these programs to your current listings, go to https://admin.ed2go.com/Admin.aspx?Page=Catalog.

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