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About ed2go

How is ed2go different from similar workforce education providers?

We strive to be the best career training solution on the market, to help companies and schools extend quality career education to their employees and students. Some of our key differentiators include:

  • Continued support for marketing your programs via digital, email, print, social media, etc.
  • Student intervention and reengagement
  • Regional account management, with support catered to your local demographic
  • Real-time, private access to student data and reporting

What is an Instructor Led Course (ILC)?

Our Instructor Led Courses are meant for informational purposes only and generally do not prepare students for entry-level employment nor national certification. We recommend these courses to those students who looking for a greater insight in a particular subject/field. Each of our Instructor Led Courses is six weeks long, with a ten day grace period at the end. To view the schedule, please go to your Online Administration Center and after logging in, go to Tracking > Course Calendar. The last date listed for each month (Student Extension Period Ends) is the last day of the course with extension. Two lessons are released every Wednesday and Friday for the six-week duration of the course. Students can expect to spend about two hours per lesson, two lessons per week. This adds up to about 24 hours of instruction for the duration of the six week course. Unfortunately, instructors are not available via email to students. However, there is a link within the classroom that will allow the student to comment on issues unrelated to the lesson (such as extension requests, problems, compliments, or complaints). Quizzes, assignments, the pretest, and participation in the Discussion Area don’t count towards overall score in the class. However, we recommend students participate and complete these, as these are tools to prepare students for the final exam. Their score on the final exam will determine whether they successfully complete the course or not, and it may only be submitted once.

What is a Career Training Program (CTP)?

The Career Training Programs are specifically designed to prepare students for entry level employment, offer many more hours of instruction, and may also prepare students for a national certification. Materials and testing fees may also be included in the cost of these programs. We recommend these courses to students who are sure about their career path, and are looking for immediate employment in that field after completing the course

What is the ed2go API, and how does it work?

Our API allows partners to simplify course access for students with Single Sign On (SSO). It also enables partners to download course catalog and scheduling information, as well as add or update student registrations. Click here to learn more about the API WSDL.

How can I request custom marketing collateral?

For most new requests, contact your Account Manager. To request Quark or Adobe InDesign source files for existing pieces, please email us at [email protected]. For any additional marketing requests please contact your account manager.


What types of organizations can partner with ed2go?

ed2go partners with corporations, post-secondary institutions, workforce boards, non-profits, community organizations, and affiliates.

What do I have to do in order to become a partner?

Learn more about the different types of partners by clicking here. Then fill out the contact form to get the process started.


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