New Services Along Our Student to Career Journey

We are constantly innovating in an effort to get students the training they need to start a new career or advance within their current profession. We’d like to introduce you to some exciting new services along our student to career journey.

Employer Connection

In partnership with Benzer Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy, we are starting a pilot program for Pharmacy Technician Advanced Career Training Course students. This student opt-in service will build a bridge to a possible career by providing a list of qualified prospective job candidates who have the right skills and training to Benzer and CVS. We’ll be reaching out to currently enrolled students and recently completed students to see if they would like to participate in this free pilot program.

Check out a demo of the Student Opt-in page and the Employer Dashboard.

Skill Map

With the redesign of the website, we added Skill Map, a career-focused feature for students. You’ll find it on the top navigation at, be sure to check it out. We designed Skill Map to help learners define their career next steps and point them to appropriate courses to acquire those needed skills. Right now, students can see localized job demand, companies that are hiring, average salary numbers and understand the exact skills they need for the career they want. In the near future, they’ll also be able to create a profile to add skills, experience, education, and favorite careers and locations.

You can view Skill Map on here.

Why We’re Adding Career Focused Services

These services deliver additional value to your students, as they look to obtain the right skills and education required to advance their career. Because of this increased service to our joint experience, we believe this will increase web traffic and enrollments for you.

What You Need To Do

You DON’T need to do anything. We are handling all of the student outreach and coordination. Sit back and enjoy the additional career services your students will receive. If you don’t already offer Advanced Career Training Courses, these career-focused services complement those courses perfectly. Click here to fill out a short form to talk to your Account Manager about offering Advanced Career Training Courses.





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