Revised Instructor-Led Courses

ed2go is pleased to announce that four of our popular courses have been updated to reflect the most recent developments in these areas. As noted below, some of the titles of these courses have changed as well. These courses include:

– Introduction to C++ Programming

– Prepare for the GED® Test

– Prepare for the GED® Math Test

– SAT/ACT Prep Course – Part 2 (formerly titled SAT/ACT Preparation – Part 2)

In addition, there is also a title change for one of our recently updated courses:

– SAT/ACT Prep Course – Part 1 (formerly titled SAT/ACT Preparation – Part 1)

These changes are immediate. The program descriptions in the online catalog will be adjusted, as necessary, to reflect these changes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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