IMPORTANT: Pricing Adjustments and Platform Enhancement

ed2go has officially upgraded and enhanced our courses and platform to transform the way we deliver content, engage learners and drive successful student outcomes. As our valued partner, you and your students will have immediate access to some of these new features and functionality.

Our new platform already offers key enhancements like; responsive design to enable learning on smart devices, improved look and feel for better user experience, easier course navigation, and more. Additional updates will be made in the coming months. 

We continue to invest heavily in the development of the platform across all ed2go offerings, and we will be adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the value students receive from advancing their education through our partner schools with these added enhancements.

Effective February 1, 2018, your wholesale price on many of our Instructor-Led Courses will be increased from $65 to $75, and the new suggested retail price will be raised from $100 to $115.  The net effect of the pricing change will increase your revenue by $5 per enrollment.  In addition to helping deliver increased revenues, this price change will also help drive continued investment in our products and platforms to further benefit you and your students.

A complete updated price list can be found here Please refer to your email for instructions on how to access the confidential page.

Some additional exciting improvements coming soon include:

  • Learning Objects (LO) Learning Management System: Our new LMS offers considerable improvements in user experience including: 508 compliance, responsive design for phone or tablet use, and additional student engagement features. Additionally, our new platform allows for future innovation with Open Badges, Competency Based Learning, and more.
  • Website and eCommerce System: The platforms and systems that run ed2go’s hosted eCommerce solution are undergoing a complete rebuild. Moving onto an industry best IBM Websphere platform will allow us to deliver more value to our partners with SEO optimization, personalization, and improved flexibility.
  • Top Secret Tool for Employability: We are doing our best to address the skills gap that prevents many capable workers from getting jobs and many in-need employers from getting skilled applicants. Currently under development (but not ready for announcement) is a game-changing tool to help close that gap and get students prepared to land the jobs they want.

The ed2go team takes great pride in putting our students and partners first.  Our extensive research has shown that consumers and employers are willing to pay more for higher-quality professional development courses. This information provided some necessary insight, which helped us create the new pricing strategy.  Don’t worry, we understand some students are learning for personal growth or entertainment and are more price sensitive, so we will be holding prices at their current levels for these types of courses.

At ed2go, we do not take for granted the value of our relationship with you, our partner.  We appreciate the investment you have made in us and the communities you serve! In return, we want to keep investing in you and your students.  

Keep an eye out for more announcements about these exciting new developments, and please connect with your account manager to discuss how we can help your continuing education efforts thrive.

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