Six New Bundled Courses

ed2go is pleased to announce the launch of 6 course bundles. 

Title: Accounting Fundamentals Series

Short Description: Learn the basic and more advanced skills of accounting in this two part series.

Wholesale: $113

SRP: $174

Courses: Accounting Fundamentals, Accounting Fundamentals II


Title: C# Programming Series

Short Description: Learn the fundamentals of computer programming and how to write Graphical User Interface programs in this discounted series of courses.

Wholesale: $113

SRP: $174

Courses: Introduction to C# Programming, Intermediate C# Programming


Title: Creating WordPress Websites Series

Short Description: Discover how to easily create blogs and websites, and how to build dynamic websites with WordPress in this two part series.

Wholesale: $113

SRP: $174

Courses: Creating WordPress Websites, Intermediate WordPress Websites


Title: GRE Prep Series

Short Description: Prepare for both the Verbal and Analytical and Quantitative portions of the GRE in this discounted series of courses.

Wholesale: $113

SRP: $174

Courses: GRE Preparation – Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical), GRE Preparation – Part 2 (Quantitative)


Title: PMP Prep Series

Short Description: Prepare to take, and pass the PMP certification exam with this two course series.

Wholesale: $146

SRP: $183

Courses: PMP Certification Prep 1, PMP Certification Prep 2


Title: SAT/ACT Prep Series

Short Description: Master the reading, writing, English, science and math questions on the new ACT and new SAT in this two part series.

Wholesale: $113

SRP: $174

Courses: SAT/ACT Prep – Part 1, SAT/ACT Prep – Part 2


Availability: Immediate-If you have already asked us to add all new ed2go courses to your online catalog, you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to request this service, please respond to this e-mail, and will will automatically add this course, and all future new courses, at your standard price. This course is available both in the U.S. and internationally.

For more information: To see further details about this course, including the Space Saver, Short, and Long Descriptions, Requirements, and Syllabus, please log in to your ed2go Online Administration Center, click the Catalog link, and then choose Course Catalog. Then, simply click the course title. You can also add this title to your catalog there.

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