4 New Instructor-Led Course Bundles

ed2go is pleased to announce the launch of 4 course bundles. 

Title: Teaching ESL Series

Short Description: Explore what it means to be a teacher, how to understand who your students are and the needs they have, and how to choose the most appropriate maters and activities in your ESL classroom.

Wholesale: $227

SRP: $349

Courses: An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL, Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary, Teaching ESL/EFL Grammar, Teaching ESL/EFL Reading


Title: Explore a Career in Healthcare Suite

Short Description: If you’re considering a career in healthcare, this group of online courses will introduce you to three different opportunities within the industry.

Wholesale: $171

SRP: $261

Courses: Explore a Career in Medical Coding, Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant, Explore a Career in Medical Transcription


Title: Supply Chain Suite

Short Description: Discover and master the fundamentals of purchasing and supply chain management with this group of online classes.

Wholesale: $171

SRP: $261

Courses: Purchasing Fundamentals, Distribution Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Fundamentals


Title: Sales Training Suite

Short Description: Learn the skills you need to obtain a lucrative career in sales. This group of online sales classes will teach you everything from communication to closing the deal.

Wholesale: $171

SRP: $261

Courses: Keys to Effective Communication, Effective Selling, Professional Sales Skills



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For more information: To see further details about this course, including the Space Saver, Short, and Long Descriptions, Requirements, and Syllabus, please log in to your ed2go Online Administration Center, click the Catalog link, and then choose Course Catalog. Then, simply click the course title. You can also add this title to your catalog there.

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