Launch of New Career Training Program and Instructor-Led Bundle

New Career Training Program

Title: Android App Developer

This program will teach students how to learn and master the necessary skillsets for professional Android application development by developing six trending applications during this course authorized by Google. In this program students will learn to become proficient in Android app development and to be prepared for the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Exam conducted by Google.

Program Code: GES392

Hours: 25

Cost: $395

Program SRP: $495

Availability: Immediately

Why should you market this program?

This is one of the few careers that has double digit projected growth rate of 17%. It helps round the software development category in the ed2go catalog.

Why are we adding this program to the catalog?

We are adding this to the catalog because we already have web and mobile developer programs, but we wanted one specific to the Android operating system. Android currently has 88% of global market share of the smartphone operating systems.

Why would a student take this program?

A student would take this program if they are interested in software development but wanted to focus on a specialty area. This course prepares students for the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Exam conducted by Google. Passing the exam and earning that certification will allow their resume to stand out in the area of app development.

New Instructor Led Course Bundle

Title: Aging and Health Bundle

Cost: $165

SRP: $249

Course Code: B9026

Courses Included:

Certificate in Healthy Aging (10 contact hours)

As the population in the United States ages, there are many opportunities to learn how to work with seniors to support quality of life. In the Certificate in Healthy Aging certificate, you’ll gain an overview of specific aspects of aging, including the impact of nutrition and physical activity on the aging process, physiologic changes in the healthy aging brain, and the role of intimacy and sexuality in healthy aging. This program is designed for individuals who are working in the health care field, those who are interested in the topic, those who are working with the aging population, or anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in aging services or gerontology.

Certificate in Gerontology (25 contact hours)

With the population aging at a rapid rate, the number of individuals over 65 will more than double by the year 2020. The demand for knowledgeable providers to meet the needs of this population is dramatically increasing. The Certificate in Gerontology represents a specialization in the field of gerontology. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of health care professionals who work with the older adults.

Certificate in Brain Health (10 contact hours)

Can we program our brains for happiness? How do sleep quality and stress affect our mental and physical health? Can activities such as exercise, play, and even listening to music boost brain health? In this innovative certificate program, you’ll gain insights into the amazing brain and explore how to support health and happiness through lifestyle choices that impact this remarkable organ. Based on recent scientific studies, this program is perfect for healthcare professionals or anyone who wants to better understand how supporting brain health can foster health, happiness, and wellbeing.

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