Free Courses for Workplace Success

As part of our commitment to our partners, we are giving you the ability to offer ten free Self-Paced Tutorial (SPT) courses to your students and staff. We believe that having the right skills and knowing how to utilize them is vital for jobseekers and those currently employed, both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Across the country, students, staff and academic leaders are rapidly adjusting to new realities of working and learning remotely. We hope that your students can leverage these courses to help enter the workforce or advance their career; additionally, we hope your staff can use this as a professional development opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills.

For more information about the free SPT courses and how your staff and students can benefit, please read below:

Web Design Courses

Web design and development remain among the most in-demand skills among employers, freelance clients and entrepreneurs. They are ideal for many remote work positions as the work can be done and supervised online through Web-based tools.

Creating Web Pages

Even as technology accelerates, the skill set and technical knowledge required to create Web pages remain keystones of success in technology endeavors.

Whether building new Web presences for clients or maintaining business, training or academic course sites, learning the conceptual and technical infrastructure for building Web sites is a great investment of time and energy.

Creating WordPress Web Sites

WordPress is the leading framework for creating and deploying data-driven Web sites and applications. WordPress skills are in demand for job, freelance and startup opportunities.

For building client Web sites, upgrading outdated sites or managing a business, research or course Web presence, the simple yet powerful WordPress platform offers unmatched flexibility and design options.


Digital Marketing Courses

As e-commerce and remote delivery of services grow due to social distancing restrictions, many businesses are discovering the importance of strong online marketing. A solid online presence and flexibility around digital solutions are key to success during the quarantine period and beyond.

Marketing Your Business on the Internet

During the COVID-19 crisis, many institutions and businesses have learned firsthand the importance of online marketing, including refreshed Web sites and social media campaigns.

The Internet has become the key platform for communication, awareness and transactions during the pandemic. This is creating new consumption patterns and new opportunities for those who know how to market products and services on the Internet.

Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring

As the Internet has become a ubiquitous resource for individual departments and small businesses, it offers significant opportunities for inexpensive yet effective marketing.

Using Web sites, social media and digital tools, innovative educational and business leaders can use creativity to defer the cost of making students and customers aware of their courses, products and services.


Business and Organizational Management Courses

One important aspect of succeeding remotely is managing a distributed workforce. Managers adapting to this new challenge are finding that a return to managerial fundamentals like communication, customer service and team leadership can be invaluable.

Fundamentals of Management and Supervision

Even for experienced managers and leaders, remote work leads to an evolving field of responsibilities for themselves and their teams. Remote teams and digital management tools can place a special emphasis on personal management and team leadership skills.

Staying grounded in best management and leadership practices can help transition a team through the COVID-19 period and set a foundation for excellence beyond.

Keys to Effective Communication

Remote work and the intermediation of personal and team interactions change the dynamic of communication. Whether through written or voice and visual tools, intermediated communication is different and can be more challenging than the face-to-face environment.

However, the practices of effective communication – clarity, empathy, flexibility and many others – apply to the remote environment just as they do in person. Reviewing the keys to effective communication offers an opportunity to foster team solidarity during a time of remote work.

Managing Customer Service

Managing customer service delivery and even attaining new levels of customer satisfaction can begin with a review of the essentials of customer service.

Not only is every customer important to business success, but managing and building relationships now offer growth opportunities for the future.


Personal and Professional Development Courses

A time of crisis gives us the opportunity to grow in the face of adversity. Personal development courses can provide a framework for introspection and mindfulness as well as new and healthier lifestyles.

Individual Excellence

The fundamentals of success are anchored in individual excellence, which is built upon solid personal habits.

A time of isolation can be a great opportunity to refresh practices in goal-setting, time management, stress management, mindfulness and communication.

Personal Finance

Any season of crisis can threaten our financial wellbeing. For many facing job disruption during the COVID-19, the financial challenge may be particularly acute.

A personal finance course can provide helpful reminders around issues such as personal or household budgeting, income and expense opportunities and tools for managing finances.

Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search

Millions of Americans are searching for a new job during COVID-19 pandemic. For those on the hunt for a career change, a quick, efficient job search is crucial to keeping emotional and financial balance during this difficult season.

The best approach is to take things step-by-step. An orderly approach to research, preparation, interviewing and job selection is the ideal method for lining up a great new career during and after the COVID-19 event.


How to Offer the Free SPT Courses:

If you would like to opt in and offer the free courses, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your account manager.

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