ed2go Price Increase Reminder

We are sending this message as a friendly reminder that the wholesale price of our instructor-led course will be increasing soon.

Effective February 1, 2018, course that currently have a wholesale price of $65 will have a new increased wholesale price of $75. Our new suggested retail price (SRP) for these courses will be raised from $100 to $115. The net effect of the pricing change will increase your revenue by $5 per enrollment.

You may have already noticed that we have updated the Online Administration Center (OAC) to display the new pricing. This can be view in the catalog tab within the OAC.

Enrollments beginning with the February 14th session will be billed at the new wholesale price.

A complete updated price list can be found by clicking here. Please refer to your email for instructions on how to access the confidential page.

Note: the suggested retail prices are only recommendations. You may adjust your pricing to align with your institution’s objectives. Also, for partners with special considerations due to state mandated laws and regulations, we have taken that into account and made the appropriate adjustments in the OAC.

What YOU need to do:

  • Review your current pricing. Once you’re logged into the OAC, go to the Catalog tab.
  • Make prices changes (if you want). You can updated your pricing either in bulk or one course at a time.
  • Still need guidance? Contact Partner Helpdesk if you have any questions.
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