Discontinued Self-Paced Tutorials

The following Pronto Spanish self-paced tutorials have been discontinued at the close of enrollment on January 31, 2014 from the Self-Paced Tutorials catalog on ed2go-Pro sites.

As of February 1, 2014, the following titles are no longer available on the Pro sites:

Self-Paced Tutorials

  1. Spanish for Banking
  2. Spanish for Construction
  3. Spanish for Educators
  4. Spanish for EMTs & Paramedics
  5. Spanish for Firefighters
  6. Spanish for Food Service
  7. Spanish for Health Care
  8. Spanish for Hospitality
  9. Spanish for Human Resources
  10. Spanish for Law Enforcement
  11. Spanish for Manufacturing
  12. Spanish for Public Safety Officers
  13. Spanish for Social Services
  14. Spanish for the Workplace
  15. Spanish for Warehouses & Distribution Centers

These courses should have been automatically removed from your catalog as of February 1, 2014. Please contact your Account Manager for assistance or any questions regarding these changes.

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