Important News about Course & Website Updates

Here at ed2go, we continuously upgrade and enhance our courses and platform to transform the way we deliver content, engage learners and drive successful student outcomes. We want to continue to play an important role in partner enrollments and route students to your institution to enroll in their desired courses. As our valued partner, we wanted to inform you of some exciting updates to our courses and website.


Enhanced Course Description

We recently updated the course types to meet the needs of students as they pursue courses that provide them personal enrichment or professional development.

ILC – – > Fundamentals CTP – – > Advanced Career Training
Courses that teach basic skills for professional development or personal enrichment Courses that prepare for a new career, certification, or advancement within a current occupation

Instructor-Led Courses are now referred to as Fundamentals.

Career Training Programs are now referred to as Advanced Career Training.

Fundamentals are courses that teach the basic skills for professional development or personal enrichment. Advanced Career Training courses prepare for a new career, certification, or advancement within a current occupation.

Please note: This is a transitional period and the new terms will take some time to appear in every area where the course types are mentioned.

Website Updates

We made some changes to the look and functionality of the site. Our goal is to improve the student experience while searching for their desired courses.

The updated offers students greater visibility into the wide variety of courses and programs that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. This is a great opportunity for institutions to maximize the number of courses and programs made available for student enrollment.

Combined Search



Visitors to the site will now see a combined search tool. Users can view all relevant courses and programs in a unified catalog in one click.

Improved Search Results






Users can filter their search results by multiple categories including Course Type, Course Category, and Course Length.


Each course listed in the search results will have a label displaying its course type. This provides clearer way to identify the course type.


You will not need to take any action. The website updates were made to enhance the student experience and help students find their desired courses more efficiently.

Please note: Partner hosted websites are not affected

Stay tuned for more announcements about exciting new developments!

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