Medical Billing and Coding Updates – AHIMA Prep, Program Additions, and a Price Bump

Last month, we made some upgrades to the Medical Billing and Coding career training programs. Today, we’re announcing more exciting upgrades, to better prepare students for the workplace.

Because higher-level certifications test students’ knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology, we’re making Medical Terminology a standard part of all Medical Billing and Coding programs. We’re also adding training modules to cover In-Patient Coding, Pharmacology, Coding Simulations, and Step-By-Step Career Guidance.

Additionally, we’re announcing a $200 wholesale and SRP price bump for all Medical Billing and Coding programs, which will be effective starting July 27th, 2016.

AHIMA Update

All Medical Billing and Coding programs now prepare students to sit for three certifications exams: Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS), Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and Certified Coding Associate (CCA). With our latest update that takes effect today, students will now be trained in Pharmacology and In-Patient Coding, which gives them the training required to successfully pass the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam, offered by AHIMA. There is not currently an AHIMA voucher option for students, but they will be fully prepared to pursue the AHIMA certification on their own.

New Program Additions

We want students to succeed and enroll them in a truely comprehensive program that will serve them well into the future. With that, we’ve made some changes to the program content and outline.

  • AHIMA prep has been added.
  • Coding Simulations will be added in late Spring. This will allow students to get comfortable working with coding software.
  • Career Prep lessons will be added in late Spring. These lessons will give students step-by-step assistance with obtaining an externship or employment.
  • Starting March 29th, Medical Terminology will be included in all Medical Billing and Coding programs; however, you will still have a 120-day grace period to enroll students in a non-medical terminology version of the program. As of July 27th, all non-medical terminology programs will be removed from online catalogs.
Price Bump

We’re making Medical Billing and Coding programs more robust, and with that, we’re bumping up the wholesale and retail price. All Medical Billing and Coding titles will undergo a $200 wholesale and suggested retail increase in 120 days.

Students who enroll in any Medical Billing and Coding program on or after July 27th will pay the new retail price. With that, our Admissions teams are using the increase to persuade students to enroll prior to the price bump. Should you notice a higher volume of Medical Billing and Coding enrollments in the months of June and July, this will likely be the cause.

Countdown to Price Bump and Removal of non-Medical Terminology Options


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