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E1 Invoice Issues
This is an important update regarding ed2go invoices. As part of our recent launch of a new finance system, we’ve discovered some short-term issues that are scheduled to be resolved in the coming weeks. Due to these matters, invoice delivery has been delayed. Invoices will be sent by the end of the week. 
On your ed2go invoice you may notice missing enrollments or incorrect billing. These include: 
Unnecessary information on your invoice
Unbillable line items displaying on invoice (e.g.- student or session transfers should only be appearing after rosters close). 
Invoice billing impact
Advanced Career Training Programs: 
  • Student transfers: When students drop and re-enroll the original funds are not being charged off, therefore, enrollment activity is not clearly reflected on the invoice line items. Direct to student transactions are not affected.  
  • Version transfers: You should only receive an invoice with a credit but a duplicate invoice is also being sent.
  • Bundles: New invoices are created in error when a course in a bundle is activated. You should only be invoiced once per bundle.
All course types: 
Students who paid prior to April 1, 2018 (when E1 went live) for the April session were not imported into E1. Your April invoice did not include charges for partner-collected enrollments or payments for ed2go-collected enrollments. You will be billed/paid in the next billing cycle.
  • For Canadian partners only: Initial charges will be displayed in CAD with USD corrections on the same invoice. Your invoice is correct, please disregard the CAD line items. 
Please note: Net checks for online paid enrollments will be sent out in a few weeks. Previously, checks and reports were delivered in the same envelope. Moving forward these will be sent separately.  
What Do You Need to Do? 
If you notice pricing issues with your daily Advanced Career Training invoices, please contact us and we will credit you, immediately. 
For all invoice issues, please contact ed2go Accounting at
As you might have noticed above, ed2go Accounting has a new email address! Please direct all accounting and billing inquiries to
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Certifications and Vouchers

Many of our Advanced Career Training Programs help prepare students to take the certification exam in their field of interest. In addition, an increasing number of our offerings includes the cost of and access to the actual certification exam, in the form of a voucher.


In order to address the skills gap and ensure an educated and skilled workforce, many industries have successfully developed industry-recognized credentials or certifications to better connect individuals to the skills they need to enter into and advance in those industries. Inherent in these skills credentials is the identification of the knowledge, skills and abilities required in jobs within specific sectors and industries. These nationally portable, standards-based, industry-recognized skills credentials benefit labor market needs and end up being a great value to consumers. This approach better aligns education and training to career success.


Certification exam vouchers enable students to save time and money by providing a more streamlined, easy way to take their exam, after their training is complete. These Industry-certifying vouchers are included in an increasing number of courses and our partner schools, 3rd party funding sources, and most importantly students appreciate the all-included package these vouchers courses provide.

Click here to fill out a short form that will help your Account Manager connect with you right away about making sure that you are reaching and serving as much of your community as possible with valuable education opportunities.

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Invoice Address Update

This is an important update regarding your ed2go invoices and change of remit to address.

Effective from April 1, 2018, you will see updated address information on your ed2go invoices:

  • New layout of our invoice structure which will provide more detail on the transaction level
  • New remit to address for payments

What will your new invoice look like?


Need our updated W-9 for your records?

Since we have a change of address on your invoice, your institution may require a new copy of our W-9. Please contact your Account Manager for a copy.

Have accounting or invoice questions?

Please direct your Accounting questions to:
Accounting, OC

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Course Revisions: Computing and IT Courses

The following update is for partners that offer Computing and IT courses in their catalog.

We revised the course outline for two of our courses. The changes were made to restructure the course content and enhance the learning experience. These revisions do not reflect a change in course hours nor course materials.

The following courses will have an updated outline beginning on March 29, 2018:

  • Full Stack Software Developer (Course Code: GES375)
  • Professional Certificate in Tech Fundamentals (Course Code: GES376)

What Do Partners Need To Do:

  • Partners do not need to take any action as these courses will be updated on March 29, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Partner HelpDesk at Thank you for being a valued ed2go Partner.

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Course Revisions: Project Management Courses

The following update is for partners that offer Project Management courses in their catalog.

We have revised our Project Management courses to reflect the updates in the recently published PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition by PMI and the affiliated certification exams.  All the revised courses will include a project-based assignment, more hands-on activities & games, and more colorful images & diagrams to explain complex concepts to create a better student experience. We recommend that currently enrolled students are transferred to the most recent course, so that students are preparing with the newest course content and preparing for the latest exams.

The following courses will be updated:

Course Title Course Code Current Course Hours New Course Hours Effective Date
The Complete Project Manager with CAPM® and PMP® Prep GES251 130 250 3/29/18
The Complete Project Manager with Microsoft Project 2016 GES272 190 310 3/29/18
The Complete Project Manager with Microsoft Project 2016 – Software Included GES280 190 310 3/29/18
Project Management Essentials with CAPM® Prep GES248 60 100 3/29/18
Mastering Project Management with PMP® Prep GES249 70 150 4/17/18
Mastering Project Management with PMP® Prep with Microsoft Project 2016 GES271 130 210 4/17/18
Mastering Project Management with PMP® Prep with Microsoft Project 2016 (Software Included) GES279 130 210 4/17/18

There are additional changes to the Mastering Project Management with PMP Prep course that include:

  • Updated content for the new PMP exam, which became available on March 26, 2018
  • 5 additional graded assignments

There are additional changes to the Project Management Essentials with CAPM Prep course that include:

  • Updated content for the new CAPM exam, which will become available on May 21, 2018
  • 3 additional graded assignments
  • Words to Know sections to help students with the verbiage
  • Putting It Into Practice sections, where students are shown a video or written scenario they have to respond to via a multiple choice activity

What Do Partners Need To Do:

  • Note the respective release dates of when the revised courses will become available in the ed2go catalog.
  • Contact Partner Helpdesk if you need assistance transferring your enrolled students to the latest course version.

If you have any other questions, please contact Partner HelpDesk at Thank you for being a valued ed2go Partner.

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Sales Tax and Credit Card Transaction Fees Update

This is an important update regarding sales tax and credit card transactions fees. As part of our on-going auditing and compliance processes, we’ve made adjustments to our taxation software to ensure that we comply with applicable state laws.

Credit Card Transactions Fees Now Waived

ed2go is excited to announce we will no longer charge credit card transactions fees! All credit card transaction fees will be waived for your students.

Who is Charged Sales Tax?

Depending on your institution’s type of partnership with ed2go, some transactions may be subject to sales tax, regardless of tax exemption.

Online Conversion Sites (ed2go collects payment directly from your students): If the student’s shipping zip code is from a state that charges sales tax, ed2go will add sales tax to the transaction during the checkout process. Sales tax is charged to these students because ed2go’s e-commerce platform acts as the storefront for online conversion sites and the student is invoiced directly by ed2go. Students will be charged sales tax, regardless of the institution’s tax exemption.

Offline Payments, Voucher Payments and Online Enroll “Pay Later” (for institutions located in states that charge sales tax): ed2go will not add sales tax to partner invoices if tax-exempt documentation has been provided. If your institution does not provide tax-exempt documentation, sales tax will be applied as follows

• Offline Payments: Sales tax will be added to the wholesale price
• Voucher Payments: Sales tax will be added to the wholesale price, regardless if the funding source used for the voucher is tax exempt
• Online Enroll “Pay Later”: Sales tax will be added to the wholesale price

Your institution is responsible for filing sales tax (if applicable) for offline payments.

What Do I Need to Do?

If your institution is eligible and you have not provided documentation, yet, please supply your resale/exemption form(s) to:
Cengage Learning Inc.
Attn: Tax Department – 3rd Floor
5191 Natorp Blvd.
Mason, OH 45040

You may also email your exemption certificate to or fax it to 513-229-1037.

The seller’s name and address to be listed on the resale/exemption certificate should be as follows:
Cengage Learning Inc.
5191 Natorp Blvd.
Mason, OH 45040

Please include your Site ID on all correspondence. You can find your Site ID on the Online Administration Center (OAC):


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Difference-making Student Services

Advanced Career Training Students Receive Timely, Helpful, and Continuous Support

We pride ourselves on serving your students with the same dedication and professionalism that you provide. Every student receives a dedicated advisor who, along with the facilitator, get to know the students career goals and provides them with tools and strategies to help them succeed.

Advanced Career Training students receive the following support to help them enroll, begin, and finish their course.

  • ADMISSIONS TEAM – Guides potential students, on your behalf, into the course that best fits their interests and goals.
  • STUDENT ADVISORS – Track student progress and proactively reach out to help students who aren’t progressing.
  • VIRTUAL CAREER CENTER – Convenient access to resources for job search, in-demand job statistics, and resumé templates.
  • EMPLOYMENT READINESS – Includes fundamental course training on time management, resume writing, and job search training.

Real Students = Real Service

Complete service

ed2go Student Advisor, Tamara is a sincere, dedicated and extremely helpful person. She has been my one point of contact throughout my program. She understands what it means to invest time and energy going to school, especially when it is done remotely. It’s much harder because you don’t have the luxury of meeting people and discussing issues. She has always been there for me, responding patiently and promptly to my queries and providing her best possible judgement and advice. I can’t imagine having successfully completed this program without her support”.         

~ Ishleen Thomas: Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Student.

If you’re not already, add Advanced Career Training to your catalog

Click here to connect with your Account Manager about adding these courses or to learn more about them.

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Personal Development Courses are Hot

Personal Development is Hot

Everyone wants to be better in some way. In fact, self-improvement in the United States is estimated to be a $9.9 billion industry, and it is expected to continue at an average growth of 5.6% each year through 2022. Personal development encompasses anything from allowing someone to build a new skill to pursuing a passion that inspires them. Things such as; gaining a better sense of life direction, becoming more self-aware, getting motivated, improving effectiveness and focus, increasing resilience to navigate tough situations, and developing more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Why Choose to Offer Fundamentals Training with ed2go?

ed2go has more than 300 online Fundamentals courses. Some of these courses are aimed at gaining marketable job skills, while many help people reach their goals of self-improvement mentally, physically and spiritually. You can serve this large and growing need in your community by providing short online Fundamentals courses that include:

  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Creative Expression (photography, art, music, writing, blogging)
  • Leadership
  • Health and Fitness (weight loss, training, cooking)
  • Stress Management
  • Relationships (parenting, marriage, co-workers, friends)
  • Wise Investing
  • And many others

Personal development used to be viewed as a negative, or beneath higher-ed, but interest and popularity are changing that misconception. It’s rapidly gaining acceptance as something that all people need to be engaging in, and social sharing of the process of personal development is inspiring more and more people to try some form of it for themselves. Let’s work together to reach more learners than ever before, and help them achieve their goal of being a little bit better tomorrow than they are today.

If you are not already offering Fundamental Courses (ILC) Click here to fill out a short form that will help your Account Manager connect with you right away about making sure that you are reaching and serving as much of your community as possible with valuable education opportunities.

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New Services Along Our Student to Career Journey

We are constantly innovating in an effort to get students the training they need to start a new career or advance within their current profession. We’d like to introduce you to some exciting new services along our student to career journey.

Employer Connection

In partnership with Benzer Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy, we are starting a pilot program for Pharmacy Technician Advanced Career Training Course students. This student opt-in service will build a bridge to a possible career by providing a list of qualified prospective job candidates who have the right skills and training to Benzer and CVS. We’ll be reaching out to currently enrolled students and recently completed students to see if they would like to participate in this free pilot program.

Check out a demo of the Student Opt-in page and the Employer Dashboard.

Skill Map

With the redesign of the website, we added Skill Map, a career-focused feature for students. You’ll find it on the top navigation at, be sure to check it out. We designed Skill Map to help learners define their career next steps and point them to appropriate courses to acquire those needed skills. Right now, students can see localized job demand, companies that are hiring, average salary numbers and understand the exact skills they need for the career they want. In the near future, they’ll also be able to create a profile to add skills, experience, education, and favorite careers and locations.

You can view Skill Map on here.

Why We’re Adding Career Focused Services

These services deliver additional value to your students, as they look to obtain the right skills and education required to advance their career. Because of this increased service to our joint experience, we believe this will increase web traffic and enrollments for you.

What You Need To Do

You DON’T need to do anything. We are handling all of the student outreach and coordination. Sit back and enjoy the additional career services your students will receive. If you don’t already offer Advanced Career Training Courses, these career-focused services complement those courses perfectly. Click here to fill out a short form to talk to your Account Manager about offering Advanced Career Training Courses.





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Course Discontinuation: Creative Writing

The following update is for partners that offer Creative Writing courses in their catalog.

We are discontinuing the Beginning Writer’s Workshop course and removing it from the ed2go catalog. This course is offered on its own.

The following courses will be discontinued on May 25, 2018:

  • Beginning Writer’s Workshop (Course Code: bwp)
  • Creative Writing Value Suite (Course Code: B8474)

What Do Partners Need To Do:

  • Partners do not need to take any action as the discontinued course will be removed from the catalog on May 25, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Partner HelpDesk at Thank you for being a valued ed2go Partner.

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