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ed2go Recognized at Clinton Global Initiative for Workforce Training Efforts in Detroit


Recently, ed2go and Cengage Learning were recognized at the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative America meeting for its Commitment to Action to bring together business, social services and higher education to increase access to education and workforce training in Detroit.  The commitment was recognized onstage by President Clinton.

The ed2go/Cengage Learning Detroit Collective Impact, a collaboration with McDonald’s, Michigan Virtual University, Matrix Human Services and Kinexus, is designed to support the city’s recovery from bankruptcy by re-engaging adults with their education. The program provides access to a career credential and accredited high school diploma via Career Online High School (COHS).  COHS is accredited by AdvancED/SACS, the accreditor for thousands of schools and districts across the country. Approximately 23% of Detroit residents age 25 and over do not have a high school diploma.

“We are truly honored that President Clinton and the CGI America team have recognized our efforts to bring life-changing education opportunities to Detroit residents.  This program and others around the country are a testament to the positive impact education can have on an individual and a community.  We hope to inspire even more creative public-private collaborations that will open access to workforce training programs for people in need,” said Ron Stefanski, Executive Director of Strategic Alliances, Cengage Learning and a Detroit resident.

The COHS program typically takes 12-18 months to complete. The Detroit Collective Impact program launched last year with 20 students and recently graduated its first student, who received her entry-level workforce certificate and high school diploma.  The goal is to graduate 1,350 disconnected older youth and adults.

Partners in the Detroit Collective Impact program include:

  • Matrix Human Services, a Detroit-based nonprofit, social service organization that has been serving the community for 109 years to fight generational poverty.
  • Michigan Virtual University (MVU), one of the largest and leading nationally recognized supplemental virtual school programs in the country.
  • McDonald’s Corporation, which offers COHS to all eligible employees in corporate and franchise-owned restaurants. Detroit franchisee Errol Service is recruiting participants from among the 1,200 Detroit-area associates who qualify.
  • Kinexus, a Michigan non-profit dedicated to creating economic vitality by connecting business, workforce, and community.

COHS was created in 2012 by ed2go/Cengage Learning, and Smart Horizons Career Online Education to provide affordable, career-based online education opportunities for the millions of adults in the United States without high school diplomas.

ed2go/Cengage Learning and Smart Horizons also work with several partners to support commitments through the Clinton Global Initiative. Collectively, the program has reached over 11,000 adults.

If you are interested in offering Career Online High School through your institution, please contact your account manager to learn more.


About Clinton Global Initiative America
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America brings together leaders from the business, philanthropic, nonprofit, and government sectors to develop solutions that encourage economic growth, support long-term competitiveness, and increase social mobility in the United States. CGI America’s annual convening is designed to be a working meeting that promotes collaboration. Each CGI America participant makes a Commitment to Action: a new, specific, and measurable plan that supports increased economic growth and opportunity. To date, CGI America participants have made more than 500 commitments, which have improved the lives of nearly 2.4 million people.

For more information on the Detroit Collective Impact, please visit:

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McDonald’s is utilizing ed2go’s Career Online High School to Change Lives and Build Futures


It’s our mission to battle the nation’s dropout crisis by building a program capable of reengaging out-of-school youth and adults back into the educational system. Nearly 40 million adults in the United States don’t have a high school diploma, which means they are locked out of many opportunities in the workplace, further education and overall life advancement. We created Career Online High School to be a part of the solution to this problem. In this program, students not only earn a high school diploma but also a career certification designed to enhance their on-the-job skills and knowledge.

 The success of Career Online High School (COHS) has led to innovative partnerships with corporations like McDonald’s, which offers our COHS program as an employee benefit to all eligible employees, both employed by the company and by franchisees, through its Archways to Opportunity program.

These employees can now complete their high school education online at their own pace and according to their schedules. We know these students work—and we want to keep them working while enabling them to take the next step in their education, which can serve as a springboard for further opportunities. The program gives students the ability to earn their high school diploma around their work schedules, removing what is for many the biggest obstacle to completing school as an adult. We even designed several new certification areas in food services, hospitality, and customer service, to ensure the program really targeted the needs of McDonald’s workers.

Together, we’re transforming the education game for millions of young adults disconnected from work and school, as well as adults seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families. Contact your Account Manager about how you can feature Career Online High School at your institution or learn ways to partner with local corporations to provide this benefit to their employees. 

This amazing story was recently featured on, click here.

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Update for Augusoft Lumens Registration Software Platform Partners
Augusoft Lumens has decided to disable ed2go courses and programs through their system. Like you, we were surprised upon hearing this news, as we’ve always allowed Augusoft Lumens to include our courses and programs – for free. We want you to know that throughout this change, we’re dedicated to delivering the best products to your students and the best support to you.

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Developing Detroit’s Talent through Collective Impact

The job skills gap in Detroit is vividly represented by a staggering 15 percent of the city’s adult population without a high school diploma. This remains one of Detroit’s most pressing challenges.

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Career Online High School Gives Students a Second Chance

College graduates can make more money over the course of their lifetime

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Project Hope Alliance Joins Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action with Ed2Go

Project Hope Alliance has become the newest partner in the ed2go/Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action agreement. The agreement includes a scholarship-matching program, which will provide a total of 50 Career Online High School (COHS) scholarships to homeless parents in Orange County, California.

“Thirty percent of the parents we serve do not have more than a ninth grade education,” said Jennifer Friend, CEO of Project Hope Alliance. “COHS is a tool to empower the parents to invest in and support their children’s education.”

Established in 1989, Project Hope Alliance is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of homelessness. Project Hope works to eliminate barriers to academic performance and cognitive development created by the circumstances of childhood homelessness. By providing opportunities for the parents themselves to increase their level of educational attainment, the organization helps undereducated parents increase household earning as well as their ability to share in the educational development of their children without a sense of shame or incompetence.

In 2013, ed2go/SHCOE created a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to launch a first-of-its-kind scholarship-matching program targeting the millions of adults in the United States without high school diplomas. By joining this effort, Project Hope will make COHS available to parents in the homeless families it serves.

“I am very impressed with the COHS system. It is unique because it was created to address the challenges faced by high school dropouts and set them up for success. A lot of these parents work more than one job, so it’s also important to offer a program they can be accessed at all hours.” Friend said. “There are 28,000 homeless children in Orange County and this new partnership helps us in our mission to end the cycle of homelessness one child at a time.”

Want to learn more about offering COHS to your students? Click Here

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Cengage Learning Participates in White House College Opportunity Summit

With the crisis of disconnected youth affecting 1 in 7 young people in America, our leading thinkers, innovators and organizations must work together to create a collective impact. In an effort to further this important discussion, Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen, Maricopa Community Colleges Chancellor Rufus Glasper, Maricopa Corporate College President Eugene Giovannini, and Smart Horizons Career Online Education Superintendent of Schools Howard Liebman today joined President Obama, the First Lady, and Vice President Biden at the White House College Opportunity Summit. The event brought together the nation’s education, business and nonprofit leaders to collaborate and share best practices for increasing college opportunities for first-generation, low-income and underrepresented students.

The Summit focused on building sustainable collaborations in communities with strong K-12 and higher education partnerships. Invited participants were required to pledge new commitments that encourage college going, dramatically improve persistence and increase education completion.

As part of the Summit, the Obama Administration announced an expansion of the Greater Phoenix Collective Impact Network—a partnership between Cengage Learning/ed2go, Smart Horizons Career Online Education, the Maricopa County Community College System, Maricopa County Educational Service Agency-MCESA and the Phoenix Public Library. The partnership was created to identify comprehensive solutions in response to the crisis of disconnected youth in Phoenix – where more than 250,000 students are impacted.

The Greater Phoenix Collective Impact was designed to increase high school graduates’ college and career readiness by providing 18-to-24-year-old students with an entry-level workforce certificate and accredited high school diploma through Career Online High School. This innovative partnership will serve as a model to advance the goals of the College Opportunity Day, and ensures dialogue and best practice among a broad constituency. Goals of the expanded alliance include:

  • Recruit upwards of 10,000 disengaged students, enabling an additional 2,000+ students to complete high school.
  • Reduce the 250,000 disconnected youth in Maricopa County by 5% annually.
  • Reduce the ratio each year of disconnected youth in a major US city (currently 1 in 7 nationally; 1 in 5 in Phoenix; 1 in 3 in South Phoenix).

“Education is a transformational driver, and student-focused, engaging learning solutions are key to empowering our youth to be successful in the classroom and the workforce,” said Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, Cengage Learning. “Working with our partners, we are committed to making education more accessible, and we are honored for the opportunity to join President and Mrs. Obama today in advancing this initiative.”

To read the full press release, please click here.

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